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Introduction to Hawaiian Huna

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If you’ve read all the books, heard all the tapes, done all the seminars, and you’re still not perfect, here’s where you go next... But be warned - this seminar contains sacred knowledge that was illegal to teach until 1989… If you are ready to grow and evolve yourself meaningfully, we invite you to come and spend a very special 5 day initiation with us… WORKSHOPS on Shamanism, Native American and similar kinds of teachings are more popular than ever before. You may have noticed that in the last 10 years more and more people have become interested in these traditions.

You are hereby invited on a unique TRAINING in the master system of them all – Huna. So what is Huna? In Hawai'i, the teaching of Huna was originally called Ho'omana (to make "Mana", or life force energy). Equivalent to Ki (as in Aikido), Chi (as in Tai Chi) or Shakti or Prana in the Sanskrit language. Better than being drained, heavy and sluggish all the time. Think about it. Everything you do requires energy, and the more energy you have, the more you can achieve. It’s all about making connections with sources of Mana, and there are ways to do that. Now that may sound weird and “out there” to you, but there are corresponding systems that you already be familiar with: Having a Higher Self/Guardian Spirit -Native American, Hermetic (Western Europe) and Alchemy 4/5 Elements -Alchemy, Hermetics, Egyptian Magic, Tantra, Western and Japanese astrology Entering the Dream Time - Native American, Maori in New Zealand, Aborigine in Australia. Herbs in Healing - Native American, Chinese, etc. Energy Healing - Philippines psychic surgery, Reiki, Chinese Acupuncture Numerology - Cabalah, Pythagoras, Japanese astrology, numbers and their vibrational essence Astrology - Most systems use the stars and planets to predict Chanting - Native American, Aborigine, Maori, Tantra Of course these should all correspond if they all came from the same source…?

Now is the time for the revival of ancient teachings – a shift is occurring… In short Huna is the original art and science of healing and spiritual development of the Hawaiian people. It is not for everyone, but it is for those who want to know more about who we are and the nature of the world we live in. Learn the master system of all systems… Huna is rumoured to be the source of a lot of other esoteric disciplines, such as Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing and Shamanism. I first came across Huna on an NLP Practitioner Course, where our Trainer was also a master of Huna. He taught an introductory morning class on this subject, and I was fascinated……there I was on a course, listening carefully and learning all about an ancient and esoteric art, and I was about to see something that made a huge impact on me. There was another student on the course who had dislocated his shoulder, and he had his arm in a sling. Apparently it had been causing him a lot of pain, and he asked David, the Trainer, if he could use Huna to help him. So as we watched, David asked the student: “Do you know what it is that you want to let go of?” “And do you know how you’d like to be instead?” “Is it totally OK with your Unconscious Mind to make these changes today?” “Let me know when it’s disappeared” Then he did something like this: He breathed in through his nose, and out through his mouth 4 times, with the out breath long and extended. At the same time he made a hand gesture towards the student, moving his hand in a series of concentric circles, then as if he was pushing those circles towards the guy. And the arm relocated back into its socket. With a crunch and a click, it snapped right back into place……..and the guy got rid of his sling! And I thought……I want to learn how to do that! So why Huna in Glasgow? Maybe you’ve tried all the goal setting, achiever, “if it’s to be it’s up to me” syndrome. You’ve enjoyed the house, the car, the money in the bank, the social circle, the good job……and yet there’s still something missing? You see, goals without a higher purpose lack passion or deep meaning.

At some point you’ll ask yourself “Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life?” Perhaps you have an inkling…..a hunch…that something more spiritual is the place to go next. Maybe you, like me, have a “calling” – that something calls to you for some inexplicable reason. There’s a great quote that said “Religion is what people do to avoid going to hell. Spirituality is what people do once they’ve been there!” It’s what you do that counts And if you study every philosophy, every theology on the planet, certain key concepts keep coming up. Rituals. Physical exercise. Energy. Numbers. The Five elements. Taking responsibility. Being at one with yourself. Life being a mirror of you. There has to be something to that if they keep showing up, throughout history, throughout the planet. Mark Twain once said, “The ancients steal all our best ideas”. “NLP’S NOT VERY SPIRITUAL JONATHAN….” Many people I found were turned off by the word.. Some were passionate about it. Some people couldn’t care less. And it can be a touchy subject. Or touchy feely too. It brings in issues about religion, morality, meditation, miracles, the metaphysical, and the occasional tree hug. I’d once read somewhere that “people avoid spirituality if they can’t be with themselves”.

It seemed that most people don’t think about spirituality, or want to, until 1 Crisis – and they have to look beyond their usual coping strategies 2 Touched by something (you see, read, hear, etc) that’s spiritual 3 Spiritual experience – that wakes them up 4 Suggested (by somebody) as advice to look into So that’s what led me to Huna – an outlook, a mindset that comes with a whole bunch of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools that grow and advance you the more you use them. And I’m inviting you to come and discover them with me. You’ll have less problems, drop toxic acquaintances, feel better more of the time, have the money you need, live as you wish, get in touch with your higher purpose and give off a vibe that others want. Here’s what you get in 5 days... Some of the topics we'll cover in this five day intensive include: Huna model of Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, and Higher Self Hoo Aka Manawa: Clearing out past limitations like anger, fear or guilt Hoo ponopono: Powerful process to clear and heal relationships in support of your evolution Chanting: Attune your neurology to handle more energy Prime Directives of Unconscious Mind: Understand the unconscious processes Ha Breathing: Controlling your state and energy using breath Mana: Working with energy, sending it to others to heal Higher Self Connection – reconnect with your highest consciousness Hakalau: the shaman state, calm and relaxed yet completely alert There is a more advanced Huna course called "Dramatic Magic", but this will only be open to students who attend this introduction level. What Other People Have Said: "Excellent as always - integrity & fun" "A truly amazing course, on a high at the moment and I think probably the most important thing I've ever done for myself - a defining moment" What can we do to improve our trainings? Answer "Make it last longer!" "Everyone should do this!" "A feel-very-good experience"

If you’re a therapist or counsellor, you can use Huna techniques to assist their change and evolution. Wouldn’t it be useful to use energy in such a way that it enhances the other processes in the work that you’re doing with your client ? So, if you’re thinking about doing Huna training you’re thinking about doing a course that’s likely to change your life and to change the life of the people around you. So Why do You want to learn Huna? Everyone’s got their own reasons for getting into Huna. What’s yours? Here are some examples: Vital physical health – the mind runs the body, and a Huna course is extremely therapeutic! People change mentally, and usually physiologically too.

The people leaving the course are visually different Huna offers specific and practical ways of making desired changes in your reality. If you’re involved with spirituality and change in any way, then Huna offers something to you. How to take advantage of this offer In a nutshell Huna trainings are extremely rare in the United Kingdom, even harder to find in Scotland. It costs about £5,000 to go to Hawaii to do the 10 day Huna Intensives by my friend and teacher Tad James. It takes 24 hours to fly there, and you lose two days coming back. I thought it might be good to teach this stuff over 5 weekends at a giveaway price. You can have these esoteric methods, thousands of years old, learned over 5 days in Glasgow at a giveaway price of £1407.

And you can even split the investment into 10 monthly instalments if that makes it easier. Tuesday April 10th – Sunday 15th April, with Friday the 13th off to help you relax and integrate the teachings - 5 days of intense learnings! Runs 10am till 7 pm each day, at the Sandringham Suite, Parklands Country Club, Ayr Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow. My irresistible risk-free guarantee! I want to make you an offer that is irresistible. I’m already offering you the most secret techniques of all secret magic orders. Let me make it even more appealing. First of all, my Company is a registered learning provider with the Department of Education and Skills, which means that you can apply for a Career Development Loan to help with your fees. In a lot of cases your employer may provide the funding that you need, or you may have funds of your own. If that's not the case, then the Career Development Loan system can assist, in which case as long as you can prove that you can earn a living doing Huna, and you certainly can, then you can apply for a Career Development Loan to help fund your fees. And in addition you also have the flexibility of the payment plan, where you can pay the balance in ten instalments.

This is quite an investment. I like to make it as easy as possible for you. If you're travelling a long way to do this course, I have a list of recommended accommodation, all within 20 minutes travel time of the Country Club. Ask me for our list of chosen hotels. I will then subsequently pay you £140 to come back on future trainings and assist other students to go through the course. That way you get to re-take the course and learn it on another level, and I actually pay you to do it. To my knowledge I’m the only Company who does. You'd be insane to look anywhere else! If you decide at this point that you can't see any benefits from learning this material, cancel your participation & we will refund your deposit. If at any time prior to the course commencing you find that you can't attend, you may nominate a friend or colleague to take your place. Once the course has started, if by day 5 we have not given you sufficient concepts, methods and insights to convince you that Huna will change the way you think and behave forever, just return all of your materials, leave the course discretely and we will refund your training fees. Or keep the materials and we'll refund the difference. If this is to be our last transaction, then at least let it be amicable.

Because of our full money back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk to you in doing the training. The only real risk to you is in carrying on as you have been, and NOT doing this training - putting at risk the opportunity to have the health and the energy you deserve. We have set it up this way so that you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! If you’re feeling dragged down by life’s ups and downs, if you’re searching for some radical new ways of doing things, or if your outlook and mindset need a really good shake up, book your seat right now. If you want the inside scoop on what the gurus know, it’s all here for you if you’re ready to grab it… If you feel that you want to attend this course just call Eileen now on the Freephone number 0800 072 5792 and leave a message. Or drop us an email to [email protected] and request your places, or simply reserve your places below. It’s that easy to book your place. Warmly, Jonathan Clark Alaka'i Ho’omanaloa (Teacher & Initiator) PS. In case you find it's not easy to practice these skills every day, we've recorded previous Huna seminars and the full 19 CD set will be my gift to you at the end of these five days. Remember to ask me to reserve you a copy, if you want them. PPS. If you’re feeling dragged down by life’s ups and downs, if you’re searching for some radical new ways of doing things, or if your outlook and mindset need a really good shake up, book your seat right now. If you want the inside scoop on what the gurus know, it’s all here for you if you’re ready to grab it…


10-Apr-2007 - 15-Apr-2007


10:00 am - 7:00 pm


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