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An Energy Field and Bio-Resonance System
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The 'Energy Field' of everything in existence - from the Universe with it's galaxies and planets, to Humans, animals, plants and minerals - are now an accepted (and to a degree, measurable) fact. This Energy Field, which is electromagnetic in nature is where energetic information, and its exchange between people and objects exists, and is sometimes referred to as The Aura.

How we handle and respond to our lifestyle, environment, relationships, mental attitudes, emotional nature and inherited energetic information will have an effect on our own unique levels of 'toxic' load whether physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically (in the Aura). For example, if someone lives in a particularly polluted area or works in a continually stressed environment (leading to distress) then, depending on their particular nature, they will be able to maintain enough energy to get through daily life. Energy can be maintained until they reach saturation level, when that is reached it can be expressed as an illness of some sort. Holidays, a change of scene, rest and enjoyment can often help us to let go of negative energetic information we have accumulated until we enter our old environment again.

As we are exposed to how our water is processed, what we put into the atmosphere, radiation from mobile phones, computers (which we might not be able to even hear, see or sense in another way) we can be negatively affected by it. These day to day objects will have their 3D existence as well as their energetic existence with each item having it's own rate of vibration. Even thoughts are things, and can have a powerful effect on our own Energy Field as well as influencing others for good or bad.

Energetic information contributing to ill health can first be detected in the Energy Field and every single cell in our bodies exists within this health Aura. To those Healers and Complementary Therapists with their own unique sensitiveness this can be 'felt' or 'sensed' with their hands or their own Aura in the person's field before or after it expresses itself in the physical body as an illness. A Healer can often clear the toxic congestion somewhat. Unfortunately this exchange of information from Energy Field to Energy Field, can also load the Healer with sick energy. Just as Doctors, Nurses or anyone working in hospitals and clinics or with ill or disturbed people can also become saturated with the patterns of all the illnesses they come into contact with, whether just listening to the client or patient or being in their presence. On a continual basis this level of exposure to the Energy Field of others will have it eventual effect on the 'Carer'.

The patterns of energy of each and every one of us, as well as our environment, affect us all. We know when we feel comfortable or good in someone's company and when we feel uncomfortable. All the time we are using our Energy Field as a sounding board for resonance or dissonance and sometimes we are so loaded with negative data that we don't recognise or notice when it is taking us towards the wake-up call of an illness.

There are certain types of sensitive equipment like Kirlian photography or the P.I.P. scanners, which are able to detect disruptions in the Energy Field before or after an illness, expresses itself, then it will be necessary to find an appropriate treatment for the condition.

A bio-Resonance system can aid healing. The person requiring treatment is in a wrist harness attached to the system. This is designed to transmit the resonance patterns of the items in the matrix of the system. A healing will take place in the receiver (the sick person as an antenna) using the laws of resonance and because we are concerned with living beings it is called bio-resonance.

The word resonances comes from the Latin meaning Echo or Resound. For example when a tuning fork is calibrated to a specific note and a singer hits that exact note with their voice then the tuning fork will resonate. If a different note is sung from that of the fork, then there will be no resonance, meaning, the oscillation image has to be identical in the transmitter and the receiver. The items from the matrix of the system (as transmitter) are fired out as a package of complex data of frequencies and resonance patterns to the Energy Field of the person, (receiver) - where there is a resonance there will be a healing.

The intelligence of the body and its fields recognise the healing process and uses it to balance from dominance or deficiency thereby nourishing with nutrients and remedies. A response is then sent back to the system from the Energy Field of the person through the harness. This process is continually ongoing while the treatment lasts. The circuitry of the system is working in conjunction with the body and Energy Field of the person bringing about a correction of the imbalances and enabling the body to begin to find and open up its own healing pathways and eventually positively affects the cells as they respond to this healing. The system is connected to a computer, which monitors the resonance patterns, which have been chosen by the person's bio-field.

Best effects are experienced when the person supports the bio-resonance treatments with lifestyle changes.

By Jenifer Diva
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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