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Our skin often acts as a reflection of the internal health of our bodies. Among other things our skin can be very sensitive to changes in circulation, hormones and emotions and if any major organ or system is unbalanced, the skin will start to show signs of change. Sudden, severe stress can have a dramatic effect on our skin, as one of the body’s first actions when under threat, is to limit the blood supply to the skin in favour of more important organs like our heart and lungs.

Someone who is frightened or shocked can look pale as blood is diverted from the skin to other needy areas their body. If stress continues long term it may weaken the immune system and cause changes in the nervous and hormonal systems. This can disturb normal skin function and health and lead to problems ranging from excessive oil production and acne to a tendency to allergic conditions like eczema.

By: Lesley-Ann Sales - Utah, United States
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