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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Katherine L. Lorensen, CPK
Katherine L. Lorensen, CHt, RMT,CPK
Katherine L. Lorensen, CHt.RMT,CPK.

Katherine L.
Remember being stress free?

Remember being
stress free?
Hypnosis Works!

Hypnosis Works!

Your life story is in your body

Your life story
is in your body
We also supply
Chakra Balancing
Energy Therapy
Weight Loss
Counselling and
Women's Health
Stress Management
Confidence Building
Stop Smoking
Programming (NLP)
Emotional Freedom

Katherine L. Lorensen, CHt, RMT,CPK

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Tags: counseling middlebury, hypnosis middlebury

Katherine is a holistic practitioner who offers several modalities to assist clients:          Kinlein is a practice based in the field of philosophy, with a positive focus, caring with you as you build on your strengths and problem solving skills. You are assisted in areas such as: self-esteem, marriage & family, relationships, divorce, anxiety, grief & loss, sexual abuse, self empowerment and so much more...Instead of counseling...kinleining!Hypnotherapy & hypnosis are powerful tools to help change your life forever! It is the fastest way known to reach new goals, change unwanted habits, and live a happier healthier life. Thought creates! Stop smoking, loose weight , manage stress, manage pain, improve healing &  learning, behavior, age regression, past life regression, resolve childhood issues, build self- esteem and more...!  EFT & NLP are also offered.                Reiki  is an ancient art of healing touch that will help you to access and balance  the life-force that is within & around you, clearing blocked energy in the body & energy fields. Experience the subtle, yet powerful effects of reiki, healing at the phsysical, emotional & spiritual levels. Your body hold the story of your life. Appointments & Certification Classes

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Years in Business 1993
Biography I opened my Kinlein office 20 years ago & added Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Holistic Counseling, & Coaching.
Association Joined
Where to find us 530 Middlebury Rd., Suite 201-B, Middlebury
Connecticut 06762 United States
How to contact us Tel: 230-598-0210
Fax: 203-598-0210
Use the contact form below
Visit our website http://www.katherinelorensen.comm

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Diplomas And Medical Degrees: Verfied

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