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The Wilbury school of Natural Therapy
The Wilbury school of Natural Therapy
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The Wilbury school of Natural Therapy

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Massage Diploma Course (ITEC QCF Level 3)

Elizabeth Ross-Talbot BA Hons, PGrad, ITEC, FHT
Lorraine Prideaux ITEC

Thorough, professional training for anyone looking for a career in an holistic, hands-on therapy. Includes practical tuition, lectures, practice sessions, course work and case studies. Starting point for most other courses.

Three stages: Stage 1 (3-4 months) begins with six full days, followed by evening practice sessions, plus assignments, home-study, home-practice and a day course in First Aid. Stage II (3-4 months) comprises three days Advanced Tuition and further practice, lectures, case studies (20), practice management day etc. Stage III (exam stage) comprises a residential revision weekend, evening revision sessions, completion of case histories and course work. Pre-requisites for course: none, though a good standard of education is helpful. Course fee: £2,050.  Registration fee £300. For full details: http://www.wilburyschool.co.uk

Aromatherapy Diploma Course (ITEC)
Kitty Fletcher, LT Phys, MIGPP, BTHA

Fascinating course that creates a new dimension for all massage practitioners. In-depth study of 40 essential oils, their usage and therapeutic application. This one-year part-time course is a combination of intensive class tuition over 12 Fridays (3 months), followed by five months' comprehensive distance learning and support
Teaches oil blending, methods of extraction, properties, physiological and psychological effects of essential oils on all systems of the body, plus aromatherapy massage.Case studies: 60.
Pre-requisites: Holistic Massage. Course fee: £1,330. Registration fee: £300.

Reflexology Diploma Course (ITEC QCF Level 3)
Kitty Fletcher, LT Phys, MIGPP, BTHA

The Reflexology course, like the holistic massage course, comprises three elements: Reflexology practice and theory; Anatomy & Physiology; Practice Management. The Reflexology tuition is held over four weekends and includes detailed study of structure and disorders of feet, ankles and lower legs (also hands, wrists and forearms) reflexology techniques, how to ‘read’ feet, client care. Homework and case studies (100) are required. All three elements would take 9-12 months to complete. Course fee:£1,780. Registration fee £300.

Sports Massage Diploma Course (ITEC Level 4)
Anna Hopcroft, BSc (Hons)

Sports Massage therapy is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to correct problems and imbalances, enhance performance and aid recovery from injury.

This excellent course, over 6 weekends (one per month) and a Clinic Day, provides massage practitioners with an impressive range of skills for treating common injuries and conditions - particularly clients in sports and athletics. The course is both enjoyable and rewarding, in terms of effectiveness and increasing client base. Techniques includes myofasical release, trigger point therapy, neuro-muscular technique, stretching and much more.It is open to anyone qualified in massage, anatomy & physiology and practice management to ITEC level (equivalent to NVQ Level III).
The course involves a combination of practical and theoretical work, and case studies (five clients, three treatments each) course work and home practice. Course fee: £1,950.00. Registration fee: £300.


Anatomy & Physiology Diploma course, (ITEC QCF Level 3)

Flexible, part-time course involving monthly lectures (held one Saturday every month for six months) and home assignments, plus home-study project and revision sessions. A&P can be taken as a course in its own right, or in conjunction with Thai Massage or Kinesiology. (A&P is an integral part of both Holistic Massage and Reflexology Diploma courses). Pre-requisites: none, though a good standard of education is helpful. Course fee: £590.


Deep Tissue Acu-Massage
Kitty Fletcher, LT Phys, ITEC, MIGPP

A four-day course to enhance and deepen massage skills, and one that can release even very deep-seated physical tensions and emotional ‘blocks’. Approved by the CThA. Course fee: £320

Hands-Free Advanced Massage
Kitty Fletcher, LT Phys, ITEC, MIGPP

Two-day highly practical course for massage practitioners that addresses the issue of hand, wrist and arm injuries resulting from therapists’ use of their hands as their main working tool. Advanced massage training using the best aspects of several massage disciplines. Increases energy and focus. Pre-requisites: Holistic Massage. Course fee: £180.

Remedial Soft Tissue  weekend workshop Series

Glyn Curtis, Sports Therapist, BA (Hons) MISRM, MCTh

These weekend workshop are designed for qualified practitioners and manual therapists who wish to revise or expand their skills of musculoskeletal treatments. You will learn four valuable, hands-on remedial soft tissue strategies which can be integrated into therapy sessions and treatment plans.

The weekends will cover: 2 day shoulder workshop, Positional ReleaseTechnique (PRT), Soft Tissue Release (STR), and Muscle Energy Technique (MET). All techniques can be used through clothing and can therefore compliment therapies such as On-site massage, Indian Head Massage and Sports Massage. These are really special weekends with a highly-skilled tutor. Price: £400 for all five days; £255 for all 3 days; £90 single days.

Massage for Pregnancy

There is much evidence to suggest that massage during pregnancy helps prepare the body for birth and promotes a feeling of well-being.

Pregnancy is a time of great emotional and physical change, which can result in conditions such as stress, back pain, sciatica, swelling, insomnia, cramp and nausea. Massage can help alleviate these unpleasant symptoms and can help strengthen the bond between mother and baby, thus facilitating easier labour, breast feeding and fewer birth complications.

On our one-day course you will learn how to feel confident massaging your client in a side-lying position that is both comfortable and safe for the mother-to-be. You will learn how pregnancy affects the mother mentally, emotionally and physically and how certain massage techniques, including acupressure, can help your client through this special time.  Course prerequisites: Applicants must be trained in massage, anatomy & physiology. Course fee: £80

Lymphatic Drainage Massage course

Jan Whitehead

Full lymphatic drainage massage for qualified therapists . The course will enable students to give a lymphatic massage which will detox, de-stress and boost the immune system.  Techniques used encourage lymph flow i.e slow, repetitive flowing movements towards thoracic duct, using circular movements, pump and scoop techniques. Includes a facial massage which can be used on its own.  Course fee: £180

For dates and full details: http://www.wilburyschool.co.uk

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