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Balancing Chakras with Flower Remedies
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Restoring Balance to the Chakras with Flower Remedies

The Aura

Although known about for thousands of years within the ancient world, it is only in

recent ‘modern scientific' times, as we moved from Newtonian to Eisteinian views of

reality, that the idea of a higher energy system playing a part in the total functioning

of a human being has once more gained credence. Although invisible to the eye, this

energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body, can actually be

detected through such techniques as kirlian photography. Of course, many can sense

the aura, light body or subtle anatomy with their hands or inner eye. The aura extends

some two feet away from the physical body and for ease of understanding is divided

into different layers. The closest to the physical is called the ethric and extends only

an inch or so beyond the physical body. Beyond this are the emotional, mental and

spiritual layers of the aura.


The Chakras

The charkas have been referred to as the organs of our subtle anatomy. They are

spinning vortexes of energy within our aura that circulate and distribute the energy

throughout the whole system. Within our aura each chakra holds a pattern similar to

that of water as it empties through a sink's plughole. The seven major chakras, the

largest and most important of these dynamic high-energy centres have been

documented in many ancient medical texts from different cultures. When these

centres are spinning freely, holding healthy shapes without any blockages, our

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is good. When dysfunctional

energetic patterns begin to occur in one or more of these charkas it will be felt as

some form of mental or emotional unease (for example, anxiety, depression,

frustration, lack of clarity, stress, etc.). If such unhealthy patterns become chronic or

ingrained within the charkas there may well be a physical response - our unhealthy

mental and emotional states can descend through the auric layers manifesting within

the physical body.


Flower Remedies - tools that maintain and return charkas to health

Flower remedies, or essences, are perfectly suited to maintain and restore health to

charkas. All flower remedies, when ingested, held, or even thought about, make an

initial therapeutic impact within the aura, and certain flower remedies particularly

work well on the chakra system. The following lists links each major chakra with a

flower essence and gives key concepts for the chakras:


faith and belief, the meaning of life, spiritual orientation, enlightenment, acceptance,

completion, alignment with higher forces.

Stimulated by Daffodil flower essence


Knowledge, reasoning, development of the intellect, wisdom, learning, insight,

clairvoyance; understanding.

Stimulated by Nasturtium flower essence


Communication, the expression of will power, personal expression, truth, creativity.

Stimulated by Celandine flower essence


Key Concepts: love, the ability to give and receive love, unconditional love,

compassion, open-heartedness, loving oneself, heart's desire.

Stimulated by Passion Flower essence

Solar Plexus

Key Concepts: personal empowerment, making choices, self-esteem and

Assertion, confidence, intuition, being responsible for one's own life.

Stimulated by Sage flower essence


Key Concepts: sexuality, creativity, power and control in relationships, money, seat of

the emotions.

Stimulated by Red Dead Nettle flower essence


Key Concepts: the ability to be here on planet Earth, being properly grounded,

realistic and able to concentrate, orientation, patience, aggression, safety and survival,

action, instincts.

Stimulated by Comfrey flower essence


There are many ways in which a chakra can display dysfunctional patterns. If the

chakra is over-used the chakra can distend, becoming bloated or open too wide. An

example of this is when too much study or mental work is undertaken and the brow

chakra is over-stimulated and opens too wide. Headaches and faulty vision can

follow. Sometimes a chakra becomes sluggish, spinning too slowly so that the energy

is not distributed correctly. This is a common problem within the root chakra of those

who are either lazy or insufficiently motivated. Another common malfunction is

when a chakra becomes twisted and its ‘roots' (the narrowest section of the vortex) is

unable to allow the energy to flow. If this occurred in the heart chakra, for example, it

may well indicate that the individual has cut themself off from love because they have

been emotionally hurt. One more example of a blocked chakra is where certain parts

of the chakra simply have stopped functioning. In the throat chakra this would

indicate a lessened ability to communicate freely and possibly a constant frog in the

throat or a recurring sore throat.


Working with Chakra Flower Essences

The best place to start working on balancing the charkas is with yourself. I'm sure

that when you read through the key concepts associated with the charkas some word

or phrase jumped out, rang a bell, hit home. The chances are it is with this associated

chakra that there is a blockage of some sort. If more than one chakra is highlighted

either choose to work with the most pressing or a maximum of three. Trust your

intuition or gut feelings on these matters.


We have found over some fifteen years of working with these essences that when the

corresponding Chakra Flower Essence is taken for a malfunctioning chakra it has an

immediate therapeutic effect, opening the chakra so that the energy/life force can once

more freely flow. However, as the effects of the essence wears off the chakra once

more reverts back to its dysfunctional energetic pattern. It is necessary to take the

essences on a regular basis, 4 times daily, in order to re-educate the chakra to hold and

maintain a healthy energetic pattern.


It is unimportant as to the nature of the blockage, a twisted root or sluggish energy,

because flower remedies are self-adjusting, meaning that they work differently for

each individual depending on the nature of their complaint. Some charkas respond

readily and quickly to the flower remedies, especially if the blockages have been

present for only a short time. Other charkas will need to be re-educated over months,

particularly if they contain deeply embedded dysfunctions.


As one chakra is cleared or realigned it may become apparent that another chakra

requires attention. This is very common. The issues of one chakra often dominate

our lives and as they clear or move on we become aware of what were less pressing

issues associated with a different chakra. In this type of case both charkas have been

out of alignment but one more so than the other. The clearing of the deeper issues

allows us to see lesser issues - a clear indication of self-improvement!


There are of course other tools apart from the Chakra Flower Essences for restoring

balance to the charkas such as the visulisation of the chakra colour or chanting

specific sounds associated with the chakra or the use of semi-precious stones that

resonate with the chakra energy. Different tools and techniques are co-supportive and

you can mix and match what feels appropriate for you. And of course there are many

other flowers which link to the charkas but here at Aquarius we have been using these

particular ones for over fifteen and seen highly beneficial results.

By simon france
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Simon works for Aquarius Flower Remedies who have been researching, producing, selling, marketing and teaching about flower remedies for over 15 years.

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Balancing Chakras with Flower Remedies

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