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Generic Efudex for solar keratoses
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Generic efudex is an antimetabolite cream used in the treatment of actinic or solar keratoses, which is also called as crusted lesions. Solar keratosis is caused by continuous exposure to sun. Generic efudex (fluorouracil) is also used to base cell carcinoma.

Generic efudex also causes some minor sided effects and few of them might be serious and cannot predict the intensity of side effects. If the intensity is high then immediate medical attention is needed. Some of the side effects that might occur include abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, vomiting and fever.

Generic efudex interacts with certain type of food and medicines. Therefore the doctor should be informed about other medications, which the patient is undergoing. Some of the drugs prescribed for skin problems interact with generic efudex and increase the intensity of the side effects.

The dosages prescribed will not be same for all patients. So do not follow any dosage unless it is prescribed the physicians. The recommended dosage will be applying twice a day. The starting dosage might be different of each and every person. Over dosage might need medical attention immediately.

Before going for generic efudex ask your physician the following question

Whether generic efudex can be taken along with any other drugs?

What are the food items that have to be avoided?

Can you take generic efudex?

How safe it is to take generic efudex?

The way in which generic efudex has to be taken?

What are the side effects of generic efudex?

Ways to reduce the side effects and interactions?

It should not be considered the generic efudex is safe for you. Always consult your physician before you go for it. Check your blood pressure daily when you are under medication. Some changes in the diet and exercise can also increase the effectiveness of the medicine.

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