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House Healing
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What is House Healing?

House healing is a method of working with the energies in and around your home, or workplace, to provide you with a safe, healthy and happy place to be. Everyone wants to feel well, happy and secure in their home, and of course we want to feel bright, alert and confident in our workplace as well.

There are various types of negative energies which can be very detrimental to health, and their effects are much more common than many people realise. Many people aren't aware that the energies in their environment may be contributing to their problem.

Energy is usually invisible, but its effects can be sensed in a variety of ways. For instance, in some people's homes, the atmosphere is welcoming and you feel at ease, even if no one else is there. Then again, there are some properties where you are uneasy, or get a headache, despite being in the company of friends.

Some earth energies, including geopathic stress, are associated with geomagnetic anomalies created by the presence of flowing underground water, or faults, fissures and subterranean cavities, or of mineral deposits. The energies penetrate the floors and walls of buildings and affect you in different ways. If you are feeling constantly drained, unsettled, on edge, or have chronic disorders that have resisted all attempts to improve, your problems may be the result of local geopathic and negative earth energies

My experience has shown that these negative energies are potentially harmful and undermining to human health and wellbeing. Repeatedly I have found the effects of geopathic stress, and electromagnetic pollution, to be a gradual deterioration in the health and wellbeing of any vulnerable person.Unfortunately, some people, and some activities, seem to be particularly susceptible.

Energy pathways in the earth are known by many different names depending on the country and culture concerned, including dragon lines, black streams, song lines, spirit paths, energy leys or ley lines. Any location can be a healthy, neutral, or unhealthy one for its occupants; it depends on the type and nature of the energies present. Living or working in a place influenced by negative energies can cause disharmony and disruption at physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels. Often, susceptible people who are living in a geopathic stress zone, report problems with sleeping; they either have disturbed sleep patterns with frequent bad dreams, or find they cannot get off to sleep easily in the first place.

Bearing in mind that we may spend a third of our lives in bed, it is extremely important that our bed, and the beds of our children and babies, are situated in an area of balanced, healthy energies. Another common occurrence for people living in a geopathic stress zone is a feeling of being drained and lacking in energy, with a loss of interest and motivation in day-to-day activities.

Quite a number of affected people are struggling with feelings of being unsettled, anxious and on edge, and may even be considering moving house to have a 'new start' away from the problems. Yet others may have a series of chronic health conditions, or repeated infections, that have not responded well to other more conventional treatments. Disorders such as attention deficit disorder, headaches, depression, arthritis, anxiety, irritability and ME, have all been blamed on geopathic stress.

Obviously you should consult your doctor about any health problems you are experiencing, because house healing is not intended to replace the advice and treatment of your medical practitioner and should not be expected to be a cure for every problem.

Skilful dowsers can remove geopathic stress by employing a variety of techniques including map dowsing, energy modification/transformation and place healing. Some specialist and sensitive dowsers can also detect and assess the nature of other earth energies, as well as 'place memories', subtle energetic and spiritual forces, entities, discarnate spirits and presences.

An interest in spirits or entities has become quite popular and some people think it is great fun to go on a 'ghost hunt'; but living in a bad atmosphere, and coping with odd situations, or occurrences that may be difficult to explain, can leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid. Most apparently paranormal experiences have a rational explanation, but not all are easily explained away.

There are a variety of devices available that may help to alleviate electromagnetic or geopathic stress. Having a house healing differs from these quite significantly.

A house healer provides a personal geopathic survey and energy-healing service, to analyse the energies present in your environment and then, if problems are found, block, transform or redirect the energies as appropriate. All locations are unique, and they all require an individual approach designed to meet the needs of that location and the circumstances that exist there.

The house healer doesn't need to visit the location in person as map dowsing is frequently used. This form of remote dowsing is well respected and effectively used in a wide variety of circles, from agriculture and industrial applications, to prospecting for water, oil or minerals, as well as military and civilian search-and-rescue operations. This remote method of working has been shown to be very successful and has lasting effects.

A house healer can free your space of detrimental energies and this can really make a remarkable difference when all other treatments have failed. Some people actually report that they have detected an almost instant change for the better after their house has been healed. They feel brighter, with more energy and focus than they have had for ages. Symptoms of disharmony can decrease suddenly, or gradually over two to three months, as the healthy energies become established.

I have know people who have decided that they no longer need to move house, which has saved them from a great deal of upheaval and disruption. Improved relationships, better energy, harmony and wellbeing, can all be the result of a simple house healing performed by a suitably experienced practitioner.

By Anne Widdup
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House Healing

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