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Hypnotherapy and NLP
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Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) if necessary, is carried out in a calm, relaxed, positive atmosphere, to enable you to take responsibility for you own health and empower your life. Using gentle relaxation techniques it helps you to calm the inner mind and ease the stress out of your daily routine. It can promote Positive Thinking as a way to regain control of those situations in your life that you may feel are beyond your capabilities.

Hypnosis can be a totally natural phenomenon without unpleasant side effects. It is a natural state of relaxation. There are no possibilities of being controlled, manipulated or being sent to sleep. You will feel calm and relaxed but in control.

Hypnosis uses the power of your mind to relieve symptoms and alter unwanted behaviour patterns. It can be used to implant suggestions that are beneficial to you to help you solve your problems or combat your illness. Sometimes it may be used to release stored knowledge from the subconscious mind and subsequently eliminate the blockages that are stopping you from progressing or from becoming well.

Most hypnosis sessions may not require more than a light trance state to be effective. No drugs are used.

Hypnosis is non-addictive and safe. The only side effects will be a deep calmness and the removal of the problem(s). Occasionally there may be a releasing of emotions. If these emotions are deeply stored there may be some painful issues to deal with which could result in a highly emotional response. THIS IS GOOD - it means that you are recovering.
Regression is often necessary to get to the 'root cause' of an illness or habit. Regression is an expansion of your consciousness. You are given the opportunity to step into a 'safe place' and release the attachments and blocks that have repeatedly pulled you into the same situations, reactions and behaviour patterns.

Your journey

The Journey is a unique, powerful and experiential healing process.  It works at the deepest level, directly with your 'body-memory' to help clear long held emotional and physical blocks.  The gentle process-oriented work gets to the very core of your issue, revealing the underlying cause - where you release and free yourself. The results are profound and lasting.

Have you tried everything to let go of an issue and yet no matter what you have done, or how hard you've tried, it still keeps coming up for you?

Stored inside our bodies are physical blocks resulting from unhelpful / unhealthy patterns and past memories. Through a journey of discovery inside the body, you allow the same inner wisdom that makes your cells replicate and your heart beat, to guide you to uncover these blocks and finally release them. Healing can then take place quite naturally at a cellular level.

You do not need to have a physical illness to take part in this. All of us have such blocks and it is possible to release them before they create the potential for disease

With this process thousands of people have freed themselves from the issues of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief, anger, addictions, chronic pain and many other physical illnesses.

By Jenny Fitzgerald
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