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New Documentary Reveals How The Body Can Heal Itself‏
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A collection of the world's leading researchers, scientists and doctors have come together to challenge the medical community's thinking about how to get well and stay well in a cutting edge documentary premiering at The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing conference in London on March 13, 2009.

Produced by pioneering entrepreneur Harry Massey and directed by Greg Becker, The Living Matrix will reveal ground-breaking research into health, illness and the human body that heralds a coming revelation in healthcare - the detection and manipulation of energy and information fields that underlie biochemistry and physiology.

Through in-depth interviews with respected academic and independent researchers and science journalists - including British biologist Rupert Sheldrake, American medical doctor and former Stamford University professor Bruce Lipton and former US astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, The Living Matrix explores how our state of health is influenced as much by quantum biology as it is by conventional biology.

The Living Matrix is not based on opinion, but fact, as the number of case studies showing measurable improvements from bio-energetic health is rising steadily. Riverdance's Michael Flatley is one such patient, who has publicly claimed that bioenergetics helped him recover from a mystery virus that plagued him for two years.

And it would seem that patients are more familiar with these techniques than conventional medical practitioners. The wide field of the complementary healthcare industry, which ranges from massage and acupuncture to homeopathy to hands-on healing, is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing dramatically year by year.

"The Living Matrix provides convincing evidence that to stay current, medicine must move forward by embracing a new biology. Information fields are the controlling factor for all the body's energy fields and are, therefore, amongst the most important influences on the state of our health. Western medicine is yet to move outside its comfort zone and embrace these new and revolutionary findings," says Harry Massey.

The documentary includes the stories of four patients and their healing journeys to recovery by using bioenergetic and informational medicine. Massey claims that the results from bioenergetic research can no longer be dismissed by conventional medicine as the Placebo Effect or spontaneous remissions.

"The findings contained within The Living Matrix have profound implications, not only for medicine, but for the pharmaceutical industry and other health-related areas as we learn more about how biochemistry is only part of how the body works - bioenergetics is the other side of the coin of human physiology and all of biology," says Massey.

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New Documentary Reveals How The Body Can Heal Itself‏
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