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The Bowen Technique
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If you stop the average person in the street you will generally find that most of them have never heard of the Bowen Technique, yet it was introduced to the UK from it's Australian homeland over ten years ago. At the moment Bowen therapists are few and far between but it is likely that in the next five years or so Bowen will be known as widely as Reflexology or osteopathy. Why? - because despite not being well known - it can work rapidly with most conditions vastly improving in only a few treatments.

The Bowen Technique was founded by the late Tom Bowen in Australia. Tom discovered that by making certain moves on various points of the body that this generated an integrated healing response.

Bowen is a Holistic Therapy and is suitable for all from the newborn to the aged. In a treatment, a series of small and gentle moves are made over tendon and muscle fibres. This works on a feedback response from the brain, negotiating information and repatterning, for example to work on postural imbalance. Bowen practitioners leave the room after a series of moves in order for the body to respond to the information given to it. Bowen works at all levels of the body by tapping into the body's own innate healing ability.

Sometimes it is easier to say what Bowen isn't rather than what it is. It is not Massage, Osteopathy, Chiropractic or Acupuncture. (although we make moves on some points).

Bowen is deeply relaxing and can be used on a whole range of health ailments including stress, anxiety and sports injuries. Most patients usually only need 3-4 treatments followed by occasional top-ups. Bowen has been described as, 'one of the most exciting healing modalities in the world'.

By Isobel Knight
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The Bowen Technique

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