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The Diet Plate
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What is The Diet Plate?


The food choice for the Western population is immense and we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the most wonderful mouth watering recipes, so why are we all gaining so much weight?


Portion sizes – what was sold to us 20 years ago as a single portion size reflects nothing like what we are sold today. Local pubs and restaurants are competing for a market place on food quality and bigger portions, with the average person not understanding "what is a normal portion" let alone a dietary portion for weight loss, this is why people need to be reeducated on how big their actual portion sizes of food should be, which, is where this superb product invented in the U.K. can help.


The Diet Plate is a unique lifestyle tool designed to assist in the achievement of both short-term weight loss and the subsequent maintenance of a desired target weight.


Unlike many dietary systems, The Diet Plate relies neither on "points", "counting calories" or weighing food to deliver weight loss but simply offers effective portion management thereby allowing an individual to eat exactly what they want whilst losing weight.


Simply adhering to the visual boundaries on the plate for carbohydrates and proteins and topping up with fresh vegetables provides the right amount of nutrition thereby educating the user as to what constitutes a "correct portion".


The really great thing about this way of losing weight and maintaining this loss is that it can be incorporated into normal daily life - simply replace an original dinner plate with The Diet Plate, observe the boundaries and continue to eat regular family meals and even the odd take out meal. This approach will ensure that portion sizes and calorific intake are in balance thereby reducing weight.

For more information call 0845 330 6121 or visit www.thedietplate.com plates cost £19.99 plus p&p bowls cost £16.99 plus p&p or you can purchase a family set consisting of 2 plates of choice with a cereal bowl at £39.95 plus p&p.

By Kay Illingworth
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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