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Time Line Therapy and the Unconscious Mind
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Can you imagine a process that could allow you to banish negative emotions and heal traumas quickly and painlessly? If there were such a process would you want it? Is this possible, given our understanding of psychotherapy and counselling? Conventional psychotherapy and counselling seem to require from six months to seven years and allow you to gain insights and learn new ways of coping with stress and bad feelings. Yet, at the end of the therapeutic process, the feelings are still there and pain is still felt. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy techniques produce solutions and banish negative feelings by eliminating them at their root cause. This process, involving establishing what you want, clearing the obstacles that have stopped you and fulfilling your wishes takes about six hours! There are few other systems that can achieve this and conventional psychotherapy and counselling are not amongst them.

What is Time Line Therapy and how does it work?

A Pioneer NLP Master trainer conducted extensive research into psychological processes and the most effective treatments of emotional and, in some cases, physical dis-ease. They devised and created a therapeutic intervention which, when combined with careful assessment and preparation, would quickly clear negative emotions and change limiting decisions.

1.       We all have unconscious minds. This is the part of us that dreams at night, that stores all our memories, that represses painful memories and runs our behaviour. It also runs our bodies. How do we know we have an unconscious mind, anyway?  Have you ever driven your car on a familiar journey and arrived realising that you could not remember part of or the entire journey?   Have you ever started a journey and found you were going the wrong way, even if the wrong way was another familiar route? How did you do that? How come you did not crash your car? The answer can simply be your unconscious mind drove the car to where it thought you wanted to go and did this without you thinking, or even paying attention to it! Think about it - you could not have done this if you were asleep.  If you had been fully awake and with it would you not have remembered, or at least known about what you did?  Yet you did it without remembering the entire journey.  What about the complex process of riding a bicycle?  At first it was wobbly and scary and then somehow it became easy.   Easy means unconscious competence.  You just get on it and ride it.  Driving a car is much more than that.  There is the steering wheel, the gears, the clutch, the mirrors, the brakes and being able to see everything around you.  Doing all those things at the same time is more than the conscious mind can manage, as you remember.  It was just so much, then, but now, you do most if not all of those things without thinking much.  You do this unconsciously, which is why found you could not remember part of the journey and still got there intact.   The unconscious mind learns by repetition and, once learnt just does it.  The conscious mind can only process 7 + or - 2 bits of information at a time.  Your phone number is composed 11 digits, yet you know it without thinking of it. That means your unconscious mind has stored it and can retrieve it for you when you want, unless you are stressed and your conscious mind cannot cope.  A dream is your unconscious mind processing your hopes and fears, usually symbolically and, sometimes more literally and vividly.

2.       What about memories?   There are some memories that are easily recalled.   Most, however, are not    The unconscious mind stores all our memories, everything we have ever experienced during our lives.   Given that the conscious mind can only process 7+ or - 2 bits of information at a time it is hardly surprising that memories, that consist of many bits of information, are not easily available to us.  Most of the problems that trouble us now lie deep in the past and we cannot remember them.  Time Line Therapy connects with our unconscious and makes rapid changes at the unconscious level so we can experience the changes consciously. Negative emotions and limiting decisions are released and changed in minutes.   A life long problem disappears.

By Malcolm Ruddock
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Time Line Therapy and the Unconscious Mind

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