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Water - Nature's Miracle
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Today, people in the developed world take water largely for granted and treat it as a low cost commodity rather than the priceless elixir it is. Water is the single most important substance for life on this planet. Without water, no life would be possible. Water is so important, it is everywhere, wherever you look on this planet. It is in the atmosphere as humidity, clouds or rain, it is in the Earth's crust within the rock and soil fabric, and it is in every living being, animal or plant. Humans are made up of over 70% water. Ancient cultures and civilisations had great respect for water and worshipped this life substance which they often equated with life force and surrounded with myths and legends. These people knew the vital importance of water.

Today, people in the developed world take water largely for granted and treat it as a low cost commodity rather than the priceless elixir it is. Apart for drinking purposes it is used for the disposal and transport of wastes, washing, cooling, heating and a multitude of industrial processes. The pollution of our planet through careless and greedy use (or, should we say, misuse) of its mineral resources has brought about the inevitable pollution of water, inevitable because water is everywhere. Our environmental dilemma boils down to attitude. The Native American chief Seattle oncesaid: The white man believes that the Earth belongs to him, we believe that man belongs to the Earth.

We think this says it all. Conventional science regards water as the lifeless substance H 2 O A chemical compound. But where is its magic? Its subtle energetic powers that ancient man revered? Dr. Joan Davis from Switzerland writes in her book entitled Is water more than H 2 O that water has been reduced from a mythical elixir to a molecular compound. Once, science comprised the spiritual sciences of Alchemy and Metaphysics and sought an holistic understanding of nature. With the taking of the industrial path some 200 years ago, the spiritual enquiry was neglected by the mainstream scientific stablishment in favour of a purely materialistic and rational understanding of natural and technological processes. One of the basic premises of science is reproducibility.

Any phenomenon to be scientifically validated needs to be reproducible. As far as water is concerned, reproducibility may not always be possible, because water reacts to extremely subtle influences. Snowflakes, for instance, all have their individual shapes. There are no such things as identical snowflakes. This singularity is a characteristic of nature and makes the testing of natural phenomena under natural circumstances very difficult. As a result, science has chosen a level of enquiry at which test results appear reproducible. After all, what isn't reproducible is not scientific! Another mysterious aspect of water is its apparent ability to shape organic forms.

Theodor Schwenk investigated this in the 1960s and wrote about it in his book Sensitive Chaos. What Schwenk came to realise was that organic expressions of the natural world had locked in them the dynamics of water motion. The tissue of the walls of the human heart and arteries is formed with a twist. The fibres of the tissue run in a spiralling way. This means that blood flowing through these vessels is caused to spiral as well. At the pre-embryonic state, the information and genetic make-up of that being was held in a watery solution. Water, as we shall explore later on, has a natural desire to flow in spirals.

This motion is intrinsic to the very nature of water. In Schwenk's opinion this intrinsic watery motion is primary - the cardio-vascular system is secondary and was formed in harmony with the original flow. Similarly, he observed that animals such as rays and jelly fish are almost moulded around watery motion. The movement and propulsion of the ray is very much that of the wave. When the jelly fish swims, it causes turbulences in the water that are a mirror image of its own form.

The Memory of Water Phenomenon and Homeopathy.
Apart from the many well researched properties of water, which make it unique as the life supporter of this planet, there is one ability of water that mainstream science has tried to ignore and deny. It is the memory of water phenomenon. This phenomenon obviously lies beyond the accepted level of enquiry and little effort has been made by conventional research institutes to understand this phenomenon. However there are exceptions, and an exciting new understanding is emerging of the marvellous substance - water. Various researchers, such as Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig and Prof. Schweitzer, have provided clear proof that water acts as a liquid tape recorder and is able to receive, store nd transmit electromagnetic vibrations. Because water molecules have a positive and negative pole, they behave like little magnets.

They attach themselves to their neighbouring molecules and form clusters of several hundred molecules. This has been known for some time. These clusters are very sensitive structures and vibrational influences can impress themselves upon them. This is what gives water the ability to store information. This is closely linked to homeopathy. In homeopathy a substance is diluted so many times, that eventually there is no molecule of the original substance left. Yet itstill has an effect. This has been shown in countless experiments, and, after all, homeopathy is 200 years old and still going strong. Homeopathy works because of the cluster's ability tostore vibrational imprints.

Every substance and element has it's own individual vibrational pattern - a bit like an energy blueprint. If you carry out the homeopathic process of diluting and succussing, this vibrational pattern becomes locked into the cluster structure of water. When you drink this homeopathically prepared remedy, the cluster structure is transferred into you and you respond to the vibrational pattern of the original substance with which the remedy was prepared.

This phenomenon was shown to occur under rigid scientific conditions by Prof. Benveniste in France in the late 1980s and was confirmed by researchers at five different universities. It caused quite a stir and a subsequent cover-up by the mainstream scientific community.


If water is as susceptible to vibrational imprinting as this, will it also take on the imprints of environmental pollutants and chemicals and transfer them to us when we drink water? It does seem to be so; Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig in Germany has carried out tests which show that not only do the physical pollutants have a damaging effect, but also the water which has been exposed to those pollutants, because the cluster structure has taken on those vibrational imprints. This has huge ramifications for us all. Basically, conventional water and sewage treatment systems are not adequate.

They may remove the physical pollutants and produce tap water that is chemically clean, however the cluster structure of the water is completely unaffected by the treatment and will, after treatment, still convey thevibrational pattern of toxins and chemicals to the human body. But the problems do not end with tap water. There is no water course on this planet that is complete ly unaffected by human impact. Atmospheric pollution, coming from industrial processes, nuclear tests and electromagnetic pollution, coming from the global power and communications grid, have all had a negative impact world wide.

Nature's Cycles
Our planet is part of the cosmos. As such it is in constant communication with what is happening in our solar system and beyond. The cyclic phases of the moon, planetary constellations, sunspot activity, etc. all have an effect on this Earth and life on it. Water appears to act as the sensory organ of the Earth for these cosmic cycles. Tides are a well know examples of how water reacts to the phases of the moon. Theodor Schwenk, whom we've mentioned earlier, was one of the pioneers investigating the subtle effects of the cosmos on water. He developed methods which clearly showed variations in water response to changes in planetary constellation. He found that moving water acts as a receiver, while still water preserves the received information. He carried out experiments with water throughout a solar eclipse.

Samples of water were shaken at regular intervals before, throughout and after the solar eclipse. Grains of wheat were subsequently germinated in the various samples of water. Schwenk found that the growth of wheat germs was stunted in the samples of water which were shaken during the solar eclipse, whereas the growths were normal before and after the eclipse. This correlation of planetary constellation and plant growth was confirmed using other techniques. Lawrence Edwards carried out fascinating work on how the shape of tree buds changes during the winter months with the planetary alignment. He took photographs of a beech tree bud every day during the winter months and found that it changed shape, following a fortnightly rhythm right through the winter.

This rhythm, which was confirmed by studies on many trees from different areas, coincided with a particular line up of the planet Saturn, the moon and the Earth. Other trees were found to have cycles coinciding with other alignments. For example, the oak coincides with the alignment of Mars, the birch with Venus and the cherry with the Sun. Similar cyclic patterns apply to flower buds too. The 16th century herbalist and astrologer Nicolas Cullpepper realised that all plants and herbs are associated with different planets and need to be picked at specific times. Water is highly susceptible to changes in cosmic constellation and, because the Earth is largely covered by water, it acts as a mediator between Cosmos and Earth. It is receptive to cosmic information and conveys this information to all living organisms, since they are largely composed of water.

The whole Cosmos works on harmony; that's what keeps it all together. The Earth is part of the whole and is governed by cosmic laws. That's why the Earth's magnetic and electric fields are all in tune with the whole cosmic set up. All living organisms, including humans, need these natural outside influences to function well and to keep themselves in tune with the cosmos. Let us look at the hydrological cycle. Water evaporates from the seas providing the atmosphere with water, which condenses forming clouds and rain. Rain falls to the ground where part of it runs off and flows back into the seas via river systems.

The other part of it permeates into the ground and replenishes the groundwater reserves before, after a period of time, feeding back into the river systems. When water runs off without percolating through the ground, it is passing through what could be termed an half hydrological cycle. When it takes the detour through the ground as groundwater it is carrying out the full hydrological cycle. This detour of water through the ground is immensely important. When the hydrological cycle is tampered with and the natural full cycle is reduced, we are making ourselves prone to natural disasters. These should not really be called natural disasters, because they are a result of man's intervention.

For example, in the last couple of hundred years the area of concrete and tarmac cover has increased tremendously. The surface of the Earth is being covered over. Water is channelled, rather than being allowed to percolate through the ground. Forests, which promote the percolation of water through the ground, are cut down. What are the effects? -changes in climate and freak weather patterns, droughts, lowering of the water table, soil erosion, river floods, desertification, etc., etc., etc.

Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958)
"People consider me mad. This may be so, in which case it does not matter if there is one more imbecile in this world. However, if I am right and the Sciences are mistaken, then may the Lord have mercy on mankind". Viktor Schauberger lived in Austria in the early part of this century. He came from a long standing family tradition of foresters and became a forester himself. As a child the old traditional knowledge about trees, water and log transport were passed down to him. As a forester, he had ample opportunity of studying the workings of nature in unspoilt Alpine forests. Being a very intuitive man, very much in tune with nature, he soon developed ideas and theories regarding nature and particularly water that were in conflict with conventional scientific understanding.

In the 1920s he designed log transport flumes incorporating his unconventional ideas, which were very successful. "Understand and copy nature" was his maxim. He criticised the scientific and technological establishments very sharply for being ignorant about the true workings of nature and for the destructive effects their understanding in the areas of forestry, agriculture, water management and energy generation had on the environment. Early on he discovered, by studying nature first hand, that there was an underlying principle governing all natural processes. This principle he called "implosion". He became a prolific writer and inventor. His inventions were linked to water supply, natural river regulation, agriculture, propulsion and energy generation and were all based on implosion.


We all know that explosion is a sudden expansion of matter. Fuel, for instance, is exploded in our car engines, which is what makes them go. So, what is implosion? Implosion is a suctional process that causes matter to move inwards, not outwards as is the case with explosion. This inward (centripetal) motion, however, does not follow a straight (radial) path to the centre; it follows a spiralling, whirling path. This is called a vortex and it is the secret of nature. Have you ever wondered why bath water, when emptied, flows through the plug-hole in this spiralling vortex fashion? Water will always try to follow the path of least resistance. This is what the vortex is enabling it to do. It is reducing resistance by curving more and more inwards thereby avoiding the confrontational resistance of straight motion. This is the fundamental reason for the plug hole vortex phenomenon.

The Coriolus Effect due to the Earth's rotation determines the direction of spin of large scale natural vortices such as whirlwinds. The direction of small-scale vortices, such as your bath tub vortex, are more determined by movement of your bath water before you pulled the plug. A plug-hole vortex only needs a small impulse to set it in motion either way. Try it out the next time you empty the bath. And listen to those sucking, gurgling noises. That is implosion in action. A characteristic feature of a vortex is that the outside of the vortex moves slowly and the centre moves fast. As water is imploded in a vortex, suspended particles, which are denser than water, are sucked into the centre of flow, frictional resistance is reduced and the speed of the flow is increased.

This was verified through experiments conducted by Prof. Franz Popel at the Stuttgart Technical University in Germany in 1952. The vortex motion, which also causes a drop in temperature and an increase in density, is paramount for water to stay healthy and disease free. Natural watercourses are naturally spiralling and meandering and the water in them forms whirls and eddies, which are vortices. The vortex motion can also be observed in whirlwinds. The suctional force generated within tornadoes is typically strong enough to lift houses and uproot trees.

In nature there are virtually no straight forms, and whenever possible vortices, spirals and curves are produced to reduce resistance. Yet in conventional technology, explosion/combustion and straight motion are employed, both of which increase resistance and temperature and are fundamentally against nature and every living thing. The realisation of this caused Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology, to proclaim emphatically: " Our technologists are moving matter incorrectly. Their technologies and interference with nature is detrimental to us and our planet.

Viktor Schauberger's idea and explanations regarding implosion, however, go further than the physical vortex phenomenon. He was a very sensitive man, gifted with an intuitive insight into the subtle reality that lies beyond our senses. He realised that the physical vortex motion he observed everywhere in nature is the result of etheric energy dynamics caused by the interplay of Cosmic and Earth energies. Repeatedly in his writings there are exclamations such as "Trees do not grow, they are grown! Migrating birds do not fly, they are flown! River trout do not swim, they are swum!" What he was trying to express was that there is a causative, energetic reality at work in Nature. what we see in the physical world as material objects and motions are merely expressions and reactions to these etheric dynamics. Needless to say, these etheric dynamics follow vortex paths.

For water to stay healthy, it needs to be allowed to exercise its preordained spiralling motion, which enables it to tune itself to the Cosmos and to stay energetically charged. Modem water treatment and supply systems, with their pressurised straight pipes, do not consider these aspects of water. What can be done to improve the energetic qualities of mains water, before we drink it? Viktor Schauberger proposed a system of mechanical vortexing of water in egg shaped are merely expressions vessels as a means of re-energising and revitalising water; the action of the vortex also has a 'retuning' effect on the molecular cluster structure of water, erasing detrimental informational patterns.

By Dolly Knight and Jonathan Stromberg
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: The Centre for Implosion Research was founded in December 1997 by Dolly Knight, MBBS, GCHM and Jonathan
Stromberg, BSc, MSc, DIC, FGS. The Centreís mission is to realise Viktor Schaubergerís goals by developing a type of technology that is antithetical to the conventional polluting and exploitative technologies, in that it is pollution free and works in harmony with Nature. After researching Viktor Schauberger for a couple of years we were convinced that he had been on the right track. We started our full time research in September 1997 and developed an implosion machine.

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Water - Nature's Miracle

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