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What is Colourpuncture
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Colourpuncture is a form of energy medicine that addresses the root cause of illness and disease. In Colourpuncture, selected colours are beamed onto the meridians (energy channels) used in Acupuncture and Reflex Zones of the body. Light provide the cells with the information they need to heal, rather like eradicating viruses on a bio-computer. The needle free nature of Colourpuncture makes it a preferred choice with children. However, it is the versatility and high success rate that has made this new method so popular.

Colourpuncture is now practiced in over 20 countries and is a gentle, painless method with no known side effects

A Brief History

Light and colour have been used by many ancient cultures for healing purposes. They all recognise the sun as a source of light and vital energy or in a more animated way as a great healing energy. In Ancient Egypt special diagnostic rooms were considered to be constructed in such a way that sunlight was refracted into the colours of the spectrum. Heliopolis, the Greek city of the sun was famous for its healing temples in which sunlight was broken up into its spectral components and each component was used for a specific medical problem. Herodotus, the father of heliotherapy (the medical therapy of exposure to light) believed that exposure to the sun was highly necessary for health. The Greeks not only believed in the curative properties of light but also specifically thought that light treatments were most effective by way of the eyes. They believed the eyes where the most accessible path to the internal organs.

A major light-therapy pioneer of the 1890s was Neil Finsen of Denmark who noticed that tubercular skin lesion were common in winter but rare in summer. He assumed the lack of sunlight might be causing the lesions and treated skin tuberculosis with UV and reported 1000s of miraculous cures. For this he gained a Noble Prize in 1903 and became known as the grandfather of photobiology. A little later, the Swiss Dr Rollier used sunlight in the Alps to cure his patients and was particularly effective for TB, colitis, anaemia, gout, cystitis, arteriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, acne, herpes, lupus, sciatica, asthma, kidney problems and even burns. This provided the basis for today's medical colour light therapy.

In 1978 a German natropath began to experiment using focused light along the meridians of the body; from this was born a new system of treatment known as colourpuncture. According to the latest research the retina and skin can absorb and transform light and colour impulses into nerve impulses and hormonal reactions. As specific frequencies of light enter the body, they discharge photons along the meridians and into the body's other energy systems. These photons add energy-to-energy depleted areas. Further, the information in the colour frequencies resonates the pathological information patterns in the body. These information patterns are like standing waves or fields of stagnant energy that persist long after time of injury or pathology.

This resonance effect is similar to the resonance of homeopathic formulas and flower essences only delivered directly through the purest of mediums, coloured light. Unique to the German Natropaths form of colour therapy, is its ability to focus precise colours on acupuncture points for period of five seconds to one minute. This modality allows a multi-faceted approach, often involving a co-ordination of several different coloured lights resonating an organ system in a single treatment session. Through the application of several colours in one session, a "layering" effect happens. The resonance's of the light not only add energy and shake free stagnant information patterns; they also resonate and call out the pure energies latent in the person. The external colours help the internally generated light fields to become more harmonious.

Holographic Principle

The body works on the holographic principle that each part is a blue print of the whole. This principle applies in many complementary health systems such as Iridology, Reflexology and Colourpuncture, where one part of the body is representative of all other parts and organs. As we are very complex emotional creatures we can have symptoms in more than one place at the same time. So any treatment requires some thought as to what exactly is the cause of the illness or injury.

Research on Light

Conducted research indicates that a series of exposures to full spectrum light will produce Decreases in resting heart rate, Blood pressure, Respiratory rate, Blood sugar,and Lactic acid in the blood following exercise. It may also increase your energy, Strength, Endurance and Tolerance to stress and ability of the blood to absorb and carry oxygen. These findings alone indicate that sunlight may be essential for the optimal health of our nervous and endocrine system and overall healthy function of the body.

More recently, clinical trials were conducted in Switzerland using Colourpuncture on 56 patients suffering severe migraine. After a number of Colourpuncture sessions , 71% of the patients were healed, 26% were better and there was no change in 3% of the participants. In Colourpuncture, those patients that were healed, remained so for years later when the study was followed up. Another clinical trial involved children with Insomnia and all under the age of five to Eliminate Placebo. The results after only several treatments with Colourpuncture were 56% recovered totally and 38% showed a marked improvement. This represented overall as a figure of 94% recovered or improved.


There are now more than 200 treatments available in Colourpuncture. It does a whole lot more than just treat physical symptoms - its true objective is to treat the emotional disturbances and imbalances that have manifest over our lifetime. By treating with colour and light the correct healing information is introduced energetically and the understanding that the patient needs to resolve her problems arises of its own.

By Martin Sichel
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What is Colourpuncture?

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