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What is Indian Face Massage
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Most of us long to make the most of our natural assets. We strive to look good and, in everyone's life, there comes a certain moment when we recognise that youth is not ours forever. This is when a visit to a Facial Rejuvenation therapist qualified in Indian Face Massage can be timely and beneficial.

A precise healthcare modality, Indian Face Massage successfully combines ancient theory with a modern approach to looking and feeling your best, whatever your age. As we learn to nurture and balance ourselves in our inner and outer lives, the changes we make are reflected in our features. By using the simple, natural and effective massage and energy balancing techniques of Indian Face Massage, you can discover a new and exciting way to take care of the assets you possess.

This totally natural, non-invasive treatment, which usually takes an hour, can help reverse many of the adverse effects that have already occurred to your skin and helps leave you feeling beautifully at peace with the world. After sixty minutes of being cared for and healed by your Indian Face Massage therapist, a renewed sense of tranquillity can be reflected in your features as you look at yourself in the mirror or others look at you. Expression lines can be eased or disappear, and your complexion can look fresher and more toned than it has for years.

Indian Face Massage can relieve tension in areas you had no idea were tense. During a Indian Face Massage treatment, over ninety face and neck muscles are systematically massaged while many acupressure points are activated. The massage helps free constrictions in the connective tissues and aids restoration of Micro-circulation and elimination. After just one treatment, your skin can glide more smoothly over the deeper layers of facial muscle and bone. Your face can feel and look more alive and rested. Given the optimum conditions to restore a sense of balance, the body's innate healing energy can work unhindered.

So, is beauty more than skin deep? An answer to feeling more comfortable in your skin, no matter how old or young you feel, lies in the capable hands of a Facial Rejuvenation therapist trained in Indian Face Massage. Therapists could enhance their practice by training in this new therapy.

By Kundan Mehta
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Biography: Kundan Mehta is co-author of "The Art of Indian Face Massage" (published by Element) which she co-wrote with her partner, the distinguished creator, practitioner and teacher of Indian Champissage , Narendra Mehta. By combining her extensive experience of beauty therapy and the energy balancing principles of Ayurvedic medecine, Kundan Mehta gradually developed her technique, of Indian Face Massage for Facial Rejuvination, a massage which works to de-stress and support the facial muscles. Kundan offers treatments and training courses at the London Centre of Indian Champissage.

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