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The Personality Matrix

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Why The Personality Matrix?

  • Have you ever wondered what makes someone tick?
  • Have you ever wondered how to communicate with people better, how to influence them, how to motivate them?
  • Have you ever wondered why some people do one thing and someone else doesn't? If the answer to any or all of these questions is "yes" then The Personality Matrix is for you.

What will you learn from The Personality Matrix?

The NLP Communication Model, Neurological Levels and how they relate to Beliefs,Values and Metaprogrammes

  • How we structure our reality
  • How we create and structure our personality

Values - the key to motivation

  • What are Values and how are they structured
  • Where our Values come from
  • Morris Massey's developmental periods and Values
  • How our environment has an impact on our Values
  • Clare Graves'Values Levels
  • Using Values Levels in business
  • How to transcend Values Levels
  • Values in different areas of life
  • How to elicit a Values Hierarchies
  • The Standard Elicitation
  • Elicitation from a Motivation Strategy
  • Discovering Threshold Values
  • What defines a well formed Values hierarchy
  • Discovering someone's Complex Equivalence Of Values
  • Discovering someone's Evidence Criteria For Values
  • How to utilise someone's Values
  • Using Values in relationships
  • Using Values in selling
  • Using Values in coaching
  • Changing the order and sequence of a Values Hierarchy
  • Adding a new Value to a Values Hierachy

Values Conflicts

  • Working with Values Conflicts
  • Towards and Away From motivation
  • Problems with Away From motivation
  • Where do Away From Values come from
  • Eliciting Towards-Away Conflicts
  • Healing Towards-Away Conflicts
  • Towards-Towards Conflicts
  • Away-Away Conflicts
  • Healing Toward-Toward Conflicts
  • Visual Squash Parts Integration


  • What are Metaprogrammes
  • The NLP Model and the Basic Metaprogrammes
  • Relating the Basic Metaprogrammes with the 4-MAT System

The Basic Metaprogrammes

  • External Behaviour
  • Internal Process
  • Internal State
  • Adaptive Response

The Complex Metaprogrammes

  • What They Are And Where They Come From
  • Direction Filter
  • Reason Filter
  • Frame Of Reference Filter
  • Convincer Representation Filter
  • Convincer Demonstration Filter
  • Management Direction Filter
  • Action Filter
  • Affiliation Filter
  • Work Preference Filter
  • Primary Interest Filter
  • Chunk Size Filter
  • Relationship Filter
  • Emotional Stress Response Filter
  • Time Orientation Filter
  • Time Storage Filter
  • Time Access Filter
  • Modal Operator Sequence Filter
  • Attention Direction Filter
  • Thinking Style Filter
  • Speaking Style Filter
  • Listening Style Filter

Using Metaprogrammes

  • How to elicit and utilise someone's Metaprogrammes
  • Metaprogramme Linguistic Markers
  • Using Metaprogrammes in relationships
  • Using Metaprogrammes in coaching
  • Using Metaprogrammes in recruitment
  • Using Metaprogrammes in management
  • Using Metaprogrammes in sales
  • Using Metaprogrammes in team building
  • Using Metaprogrammes in advertising
  • Using Metaprogrammes in training
  • Interesting Metaprogrammes combinations
  • How to change Metaprogrammes
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