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5 Ways to Improve Health at Home
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Having a couple of unhealthy habits is normal, but many of us don’t really lead healthy lives. Improving our mental and physical wellbeing is in our very own hands and there is no real excuse for not aspiring to do so. This is why you need to clear your mind of all the “buts” and start paying attention to your health. Here are some advices to get you started.

1.      Exercise

Well, what did you expect? Of course we’re going to kick off with exercise! Human bodies aren’t built to remain sedentary – our ancestors had to hunt their prey on a daily basis and this puts significantly more strain on your muscles than going to the gym. If you haven’t gotten in the habit of exercising with continuity, you have to change this right now! No, not tomorrow, not when your workload gets more convenient – today! If you are struggling with time, try HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training – this way of exercising will burn your calories and won’t take up too much of your time. Naturally, HIIT is very difficult, there simply are no shortcuts to physical wellbeing.

2.      Learn How to Sleep Well

Sleep is a philosophy of its own – it boils down to more than comfortable mattresses and pillows (although these do play a key role in having a good night’s rest). If you are in any doubt as to why you need to go to bed early, here’s your answer – human beings aren’t night creatures, this simply isn’t in our nature. We need sunlight and we need a whole lot of it. Your body requires at least 6-8 hours of rest and going to bed at 4am means that you’re going to miss out on at least 4 hours of sun. However, even if you go to bed early, you might not be able to get up as soon as you open your eyes, but this is exactly what you need to do. Prepare a glass of water near your bed before going to sleep and gulp the entire thing down as soon as you open your eyes (alarm or no alarm). It will jolt your body and get you prepared to take on your day.

3.      Drink more Water

Speaking of Earth’s most valuable resource, you probably need to drink more water. This actually makes perfect sense – your body is 90% water and simply needs it constantly flowing through. In addition to being a natural cleanser, water will relieve you of all sorts of aches and pains, from headaches to sore muscles. Don’t go wild and put too much strain onto your digestive system by drinking water non-stop, but have a cup or a bottle filled with the transparent liquid by your side at all times – you will automatically be inclined to drink it. Of course, making sure that it is as clean as possible is essential  and, instead on having to waste a ton of money on it in the supermarket, opt for UV home water treatment, for example – it is a solid investment in the long run.

4.      Diet

Well, of course we will get to this part; it is the last puzzle of our physical wellbeing! To put it simply, if you’re really keen on maintaining a healthy diet, focus on raw foods. Eat nothing but oats, meat, veggies and fruit and let your stomach be the guide. Sit at the dining room table, turn all the screens off and focus on eating as a necessity, rather than pleasure. In fact, if you are dedicated enough, you’ll grow to actually prefer eating non-spicy, raw, clean meals!

5.      Hug a Loved One

Now this may seem ridiculous, but hugging someone you actually love releases your body’s feel-good hormones, such as oxytocin – hugging is a natural anti-depressant! Plus, it feels great!

If you are younger than middle-aged and feel pretty great without paying attention to your lifestyle, change it anyway! Leading an unhealthy lifestyle creeps up on a person and rest assured that it will take its toll further down the road. Final piece of advice: don’t do anything excessively, be it drinking and smoking, or working out and drinking water!

By Emma L
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