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The hottest cosmetic trends in 2016
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You might need your beauty sleep, but beauty industry never sleeps. With constant innovations in procedures and technology, as well as vaster availability to the consumers, the number of people that decide to undergo any kind of cosmetic treatment is only getting bigger. Some cosmetic trends will remain timeless, but when it comes to others and their five minutes of glory, they’ll probably just remind us that 2014 and 2015 were some different times.


A balanced look

Cosmetic trends involving breast surgery have drastically changed in their nature in 2016. While the past trends were all about having the bigger bust, the breast surgery this year is focused more on achieving a complete balance with the rest of the body. In this respect, breast cosmetic procedures are still very high on demand, but patients are more likely to ask for smaller, more proportional breast implants, and there are more requests concerning breast reduction as well.

A nicely shaped pout

It seems that Kylie Jenner’s lips and lip kits took the world by storm in the past year. There were many requests for lip fillers and some girls even tried to make their lips plumper with shot glass method which caused more than enough hype in the beauty world. Lip fillers are still very trendy, but the craze over really big and overemphasized pout seems to be dying out, and people are actually asking for more subtle lip injections so that the lips would still look nice and luscious, but more natural and perfectly aligned with other facial features.

Internal mommy makeover

According to liposculpture professionals from Perth, tightening the outside is still a huge trend when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Exercise and diet don’t always work and therefore cosmetic procedures that would tend to any part of excess skin and fat are increasingly popular. Still, when it comes to the so called mommy makeover, the trend in not only about tightening the outside but the inside as well. The year of 2016 has marked a significant rise of requests for vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Neck and chin procedures

In recent years there has been an increase of people demanding some kind of cosmetic work done on their neck and chin, and 2016 is no exception. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are highly popular but what makes this year special is the fact that the biggest number of patients are actually male. Thanks to this, procedures are becoming less taboo for male population. It has become clear that both genders are conscious about how their neck and chin look when they reach a certain age.

Facial rejuvenation

This cosmetic trend is definitely nothing new in the beauty industry and is definitely one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures there are. With many options available, both invasive and non-invasive, patients can choose the best possible procedure for their own needs, in consultation with the doctor. What makes this trend so unique in 2016 is the rising popularity of non-invasive facial rejuvenation techniques. While they can’t have the same effect as surgical procedures, refining non-invasive techniques are more appealing to a greater number of people since they require less time to recover, offer relatively good results and, in general, cost less.

If you follow cosmetic trends and beauty ideals, and actually think of undergoing some kind of a cosmetic procedure, it’s important to always listen to what your doctor has to say. Simply trying to emphasize your own beautiful features is undoubtedly the most drastic change that happened in 2016, opposed to previous years when it was all about transforming yourself into someone else. Your beauty might not be completely natural, but as long as you look naturally gorgeous, you’re definitely on-trend. 

By Emma L
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Biography: Emma Lawson is a passionate writer online article editor and a health enthusiast. In her spare time she likes to do research and write articles to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyle. She also strives to suggest innovative home remedies that can help you lead a quality and long life.

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The hottest cosmetic trends in 2016

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