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Emotional Freedom Technique
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How can tapping on a few points on the head, face and hands help issues as diverse as headaches, trauma, phobias, cigarette cravings and golf scores? It is no wonder that those new to EFT can experience an element of disbelief. Those open-minded enough and curious enough to give it a go can be well rewarded with discovering one of the most exciting and empowering techniques for health and well being.

As a shiatsu practitioner, I was already aware of the benefits of balancing meridian energy but was intrigued by the way that EFT can focus right in on the issue and often clear it very speedily, compared to more conventional approaches. It has been described as psychological acupuncture but it can just as easily be used for physical as well as emotional issues. I myself have used it on spider phobias, rat phobias, childhood trauma, learning difficulties, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, balance and coordination problems, bereavement, cigarette and chocolate cravings, major fears and anxieties to name put a few. It doesn't work on everything all of the time; nothing does. But in the right hands it appears to have around good success rate and it's perfectly safe.

While meridian theory is very ancient, this version of it is very recent. At the beginning of the 80's an American psychologist chanced on the magic of tapping on acupuncture points while working on a client with a long-standing phobia. A few moments tapping under their eye cured them of this debilitating phobia and more impressively the effect seemed to be permanent.

So how does it work? You might say that behind any problem, whether it is emotional of physical there is disruption in the body's energy system. So let me explain the ABC of EFT. The person first brings their Awareness to the troublesome issue, then Balances their energy system by tapping on points on all the major meridians and then Checks out their body's response and repeats until the discomfort is cleared. A recent participant on one of my courses discovered that behind her apparent spider phobia was a deep sadness about the way her mother had automatically killed spiders when she was a young child. Fear of spiders released its hold on her.

So why don't you give it a go yourself. Identify a problem. It's great for self-help but like everything else it can be really useful to work with a therapist who will help you identify the underlying aspects and persevere with you to get a result.

By Maggie Pashley
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Emotional Freedom Technique
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