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The Metamorphic Technique A Tool For Growth
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Transformation is something quite different to change. It is a positive shift to a finer, purer expression of our true selves. And as such it is permanent. Just as a butterfly can not decide to crawl back inside the chrysalis and revert to being a caterpillar, any limiting patterns that are truly transformed are gone for good. They no longer fit us and we are free to move on.

Just how something as simple (apparently) as Metamorphic technique can be a catalyst for profound change can seem, on the face of it baffling? and I admit I was as cynical as the next person. I was convinced it was too simple, too superficial, maybe even too boring to do any good. After all, as a therapist, I had spent a decade and a half grappling with the complexities of Meridians, Chakras, Subtle Bodies, Reflexes and so forth. What good could simply a few undirected movements on the spinal reflexes of the foot and a few other places do?

However, I remained intrigued and when I eventually did my first course, it was music to my ears to let go of diagnosis, analysis and of being the 'expert'. The 'simple' challenge is to stand back and simply let the receiver's life force move them to do whatever they need to do. This may sound woolly, but I have seen such profound transformations both in myself and in others through this simple process that I am left in awe. I myself changed home, moved 200 miles, gave up a thriving practice to reinvent myself somewhere very different, back in my native Yorkshire. I have seen so many people move beyond stuck situations and connect with their true essence.

The Metamorphic Technique simply involves very subtle touch on the feet, hands and head. No case histories, pathology, no probing questions and most importantly no expectations or goals. The giver is detached, not in a cold way, but in a liberating way. Their job is simply to provide space. And it is just this space which provides the room for true growth and transformation.

One favourite analogy is that of an acorn. The acorn already contains the energy blueprint of the oak tree within it and will grow into an oak tree, provided it is alive and finds soil to grow in. The soil is indifferent to what the acorn is like, whether it is brown, striped, knobbly or whatever. It simply provides an environment for the acorn to get on with the job of becoming an oak tree. It is the life force within the acorn which knows how to do this, just as it is our life force which enables us to grow into who we really are if we let it. And the solutions our own life force comes up with are far more elegant than what an outside expert, however well meaning, can come up with.

By this I do not mean that Metamorphic Technique is the 'be-all and end-all'. Our life-force can guide us to see a counsellor, a doctor, an acupuncturist and so on. The difference is that it is our innate intelligence guiding us and not our intellect or the advice of others. It is not the only way of doing this. But it is an excellent way and a very simple way that is accessible to everybody. For this reason it works particularly well within families. Parents can learn to do it on their children; children can do it on their parents. And indeed it has had remarkable effects on children, even those or maybe, especially those, who have been diagnosed as autistic or having learning or developmental difficulties. Pregnant women report having easier pregnancies and more contented babies. And for all those ready for change, there often seems to be a magnetic pull towards the Metamorphic technique, whether or not they know much about it. They just know they want to try it.

For me the beauty of this technique is its simplicity. After all you don't catch animals and plants doing constant self-development in order to become themselves. They know how to 'get out of their own way' and simply be. and we can also learn to let our own life force move us to becoming the best version of ourselves - naturally.

By Maggie Pashley
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The Metamorphic Technique A Tool For Growth

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