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Magnotherapy - A Fitter Pain Free Way of Life
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The benefits of Magnotherapy have been well documented in recent years by the many people who have undeniably benefited from its use – both to aid healing and to alleviate pain. But how exactly does it work?

When we wear a magnetic product we are affecting body fluids and particularly the blood. Blood is the body’s transport system as it circulates. It is therefore fair to assume that treating fluids in one part of the body will carry the benefits to other parts of the body. One magnetic product with the required specification should therefore be sufficient for one body. Unfortunately quoting the magnets performance in terms of strength does not mean much. Magnetic strength decreases the strength very rapidly, on a logarithmic basis as the distance from the magnet increases.

The pain relieving and healing benefits of magnotherapy are the result of a change in the body’s pH levels caused by magnetic energy.

Stress and inflammation (together with the resulting pain experienced by many sports people and health & fitness enthusiasts) usually causes an excess of lactic acid to be produced by the body.

The importance of maintaining the correct pH balance is vital to the life of cells in the body – but the pH level of a cell can only be neutralised by the movement of electrons in and out of the cell. Therefore an acid cell (low pH) can be neutralised by accepting electrons and an alkali cell (high pH) can be neutralised by donating electrons. The movement of the electrons in the body is the fundamental action of magnotherapy. In other words, without the movement of electrons, pH levels cannot change and the benefits are not felt.

Magnotherapy can play an important role in maintaining the correct pH levels which are important to optimum health and performance.

Magnotherapy has been successfully used to help promote connective tissue healing and repair, musculoskeletal pain relief, bone repair and the acceleration of the healing of fractures – problems commonly experienced by sports people. Thermography (heat) trials have shown an increase in blood flow when magnets are used.

Scintigraphy scanning (measurement of metabolic uptake of an injected substance) has shown a 30% increase in the rate of substance uptake in the soft tissue, and in the bone of the leg, treated with magnets.

Magnotherapy can help to reduce pain which has not been effectively controlled by medication. In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, patients were treated with magnets applied to the skin. A statistically significant reduction in lower back pain was observed. The pain relief was significantly greater than the placebo group where unmagnetised pads were used.

Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) magnets are superior to any other static magnet because they are designed to move electrons. As the moving of electrons is the fundamental action of magnotherapy – enabling the body’s pH levels to change – it is clear why it is important to choose a high quality magnet with CRP.

Many sporting injuries/conditions are the result of excess lactic acid production. This has a detrimental effect on the body’s pH balance and triggers the brain to respond to pain.

Magnotherapy can help to increase cellular oxygen levels, increase fluid and gas circulation by dilating blood vessels, improve cell permeability, reduce inflammation and normalise ph levels in the body thus relieving pain. It is thought that the magnetic field influences ionic exchange across cell membranes thus influencing the metabolism of waste products left behind by injury.

A magnetic wrist band incorporating a CRP module and a relay magnet on the opposite side of the wrist gives a greater depth of magnetic field. The main CRP module should be positioned on the inside of the wrist where it will have maximum effect. To gain maximum short and long term benefits a magnetic wrist band of this description should be worn continually.

A magnetic field can change the body’s pH level by changing the cells’ molecular structure, through reduction and acceptance of electrons. However, to fully optimise the benefits, the body also needs a balance of cations and anions in electrolyte mineral form to maximise the benefits of magnotherapy.

To increase the benefits of magnotherapy, Nutriflow has been developed. Nutriflow is a powdered electrolyte/mineral supplement taken in water/juice every day to maintain the body’s natural balance of minerals and electrolytes which are an essential to good health.

By Derek Hawkins
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Magnotherapy - A Fitter Pain Free Way of Life
What is Magnotherapy?

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