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What is Magnotherapy
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Magnotherapy has been used to improve health in the Far East and other areas of the world for hundreds of years. Now Physiotherapists in many major hospitals use magnetic fields to improve health, overcoming aches and pains and improve recovery. However levels of success depend on the strength and type of magnetic field employed.

In the late 90's a scientist MVDr Vaclavek published a book 'Magnotherapy the pHacts' combining anecdotal, clinical and mathematical evidence researched over years. He shows how stress and inflammation in a body with resultant pain is due to an excess of lactic acid causing an imbalance of the body's pH levels and what happens when a magnetic field is applied to a body.

When a special combination of magnetic fields and strength is applied to a suitable location on a body, it can provide the required stimulus to reduce levels of lactic acid. MVDr Vaclavek concludes that this combination of magnetic field provides the ideal external stimulus to help the body heal itself naturally. Perhaps the most suitable location for these magnetic units is on the wrist where blood vessels are near the surface.

A body requires a balance of mineral/electrolytes. Due to modern production methods and dietary habits it is not uncommon to have a deficiency in this area. An electrolyte and mineral supplement specially formulated by MVDr Vaclavek optimises the effect of this magnetic field to balance a body's pH level.

It is now accepted that magnotherapy is a most effective way to help a body heal itself naturally and reduce pain dramatically for both humans and animals. A suitable magnetic unit will not invade any prescribed medication. It is advised however that a user should drink plenty of water when first wearing a unit.

By Derek Hawkins
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Magnotherapy - A Fitter Pain Free Way of Life
What is Magnotherapy?

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