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Steps to a Healthy Back
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21st Century Osteopathy

It seems that back pain is inevitable in modern day society.  As an osteopath I treat many back problems as well as peripheral joints, muscle problems, whiplash injuries, sports injuries or symptoms such as headaches or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  Osteopathy is a drug free system of healthcare which is firmly based on the principle "Structure governs function", in other words our anatomy governs our physiology and therefore our wellbeing.  Our treatment aims to restore the structure, so that it works more efficiently.

All the principles of osteopathy are followed, but with a difference which results in a more effective way to achieve and measure a healthy back.  Three steps what like to be used are:

steps 1) Analysis 2) Treatment 3) Posture Maintenance.  There is no need for people to put up with their pain.

Spinal Analysis

Osteopathic analysis uses palpatory skills and checks on range of movement to diagnose somatic dysfunction which is defined as "impaired or altered function of related components of the somatic (body framework) system: skeletal, arthrodial, and myofascial structures and related vascular, lymphatic and neural elements".  The osteopathic criteria is discerned by palpation and is defined by the mnemonic TART which stands for

1. Tissue texture abnormalities
2. Asymmetry (static, motion, tonicity, turgor, colour, temperature)
3. Restriction of Motion
4. Tenderness (in the area of abnormality)

The SpinalMouse

Additional to this analysis, I use technology in the form of the SpinalMouse to give me an objective picture equivalent to an X-ray.  This device also gives me additional information on the range of movement in many of the directions I would record as an osteopath, i.e. standing posture, forward bending, backward bending and sidebending. 

I therefore can make an accurate assessment, but more importantly check up on the progress of our treatment.  The patient can also see the changes made.

Please see further articles on Treatment and Posture Maintenance.

By Irene Philips
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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