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Treatment of a Healthy Back
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(using Power Assisted Micro-manipulation (PAM) or more recently known as TAMARS - Technology Assisted Micro-manipulation and reflex stimulation)

I was privileged to be the first osteopath in the world to use this technology which is essentially a bionic hand, which gives me more speed and efficiency than just my hands alone and, following osteopathic principles, allows me to restore the mechanics of the spine, improving function.

The client will lie on a special Mantiss plinth. Working up and down the spine with the bionic hand, I can feel where there are stiffened segments and can gently and repetitively loosen up the vertebrae. Whole spinal mobilisation is impossible with the hands alone, so using state of the art computerised technology I can work effortlessly and tirelessly, teasing the joints to mobility. There is no fierce manipulation, making it safe to work with the elderly and osteoporosis sufferers. Using three modes, spasm, reflex and mobilisation, it is possible to reduce the curves of scoliosis and kyphosis.

The rationale behind the treatment is that the spine should be supple and elastic like a teenagers. Loss of this suppleness, due to aging, accidents, poor posture, results in stiffened segments. As the spine stiffens, the joints at the base of the spine and neck become increasingly overworked and over stressed. Pain, stretched ligaments, excessive wear and tear and disc prolapse are a natural consequence of the overwork and overstressing of the joints. Think of the spine like a rubber tube, freeze part of the tube and wave it about: eventually it will snap at the weakest point where the stiff and mobile section meets. By stimulating the spinal reflexes (spinal nerves) with hammer like percussion, and mobilising the joints it is possible to bring back the mobility and suppleness to the spine.

The treatment is suitable for chronic back and neck problems, whiplash injuries, dowagers hump, prolapsed discs, idiopathic scoliosis, kyphosis, as well as being preventative in delaying the aging process. By improving the suppleness of the spine, it is suitable for sports people, to improve their performance whatever the sport.

Whiplash Patient before treatment

Patient following lst treatment.
Note the increased neck height - showing in uneven hairline. Redness is temporary
Reduction in headaches due to improved neck mechanics

Patient 1 week later following treatment
Increased neck height. Haircut still uneven.

Treatment is followed up by walking 10 minutes a day for 10 days in a good posture to re-educate the muscles. As we have changed the mobility in the spine, the muscles will still want to go back to their previous position, unless we retrain them. To assist this we also suggest Ciabasan Posture Trainers which do the work for you effortlessly.

By Irene Philips
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