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The Positive Side to Therapy
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I am a Diploma qualified therapist and have trained with P McKenna, Dr R Bandler, Dr G Philips, and Michael Breen. This following experience made it into a few of our Local, yet well-known, newspapers.

I teach Martial Arts to children aged 6 to 14 years. One day I was speaking to one of the parents of whose child i was teaching. I commented about the room smelling unpleasant from the previous class and the parent gave me a remarkable response! She told me that her daughter wouldn't notice the differance as she had no sense of smell. I enquired as to why and was informed that she simply lost it two years ago and since then has been seeing a specialist for two years. In those two years no progress had been made.

I asked mum if she minded me talking to her daughter about this problem. I spent a few minutes chatting to her about when it started. (or stopped if you want to put it that way.) It seemed there was no obvious reason for it to happen? I was more curious than anything. It didn't really matter why - I was only interested in turning it back on. I again asked mum if she would mind, (and of course if her daughter minded) if I did a little experiment as I always carry some Essential Oils with me.

So, I had her close her eyes and take a sniff in through her nose but yet there was nothing. I tried another oil and still - nothing. I asked permission again to go deeper into this; I started by asking if she could remember mums perfume she used at that time she lost her smell, I watched her eyes accessing cues. She said "Yes, I can!". I immediately thought ' if you can remember the smell, then you can still smell ' . It may have been that something had been turned off from the nose to the smell receptors in the brain, if they can switch off they can also switch back on again.

I asked her to remember the perfume smell again, as her eyes accessed the same area, I anchored it kinaesthetically (this using 'touchy/feely' methods). I asked her to remember another smell from that time, again anchoring it as a sliding anchor. I then went through a set pattern of meridian work, using (Emotional Freedom Therapy) EFT. I did this several times and then asked her to remember mum's perfume. Within twenty minutes I re-tested for smell using a Citrus Oil. She said she thought she could smell something! I repeated the sequence again this time using Black Pepper oil. This has a strong unpleasant odour to it and she automatically recoiled saying it stank! This was on the Sunday.

The next day, when the Daughter came home from school, she said to her Mother " The girls toilets stink".

Her smell has not vanished since, and her specialist was very interested in how this had been achieved. He asked the mother if she would give me his number. I called him and spoke to his secretary. She wanted me to give them a total account of how I had achieved this recovery.

I have had a success rate of around 55% since then, some of the people also had no taste as well as no smell. They are now leading a better life, a good job and they did not believe the specialists when they were told "Sorry there is nothing can be done, you will have to learn to live with it".

I think this shows that we should never say never. Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Therapy are very powerful tools in the industry of healing when used by a trained therapist.

By Shaun Thompson
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The Positive Side to Therapy
What is Emotional Freedom Therapy?

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