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What is Emotional Freedom Therapy
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"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy systems"

Some of the therapies developed remain proprietary therapies subject to copyright restrictions and many others require extensive (and sometimes expensive) training before they can be effectively used. However, one therapy stands out as both simple and freely available to all. That is "Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)".

EFT, developed in the last few decades, is derived from other styles of therapy. The therapy works on meridians using a gentle tapping action at specific points

Using EFT I have seen serious spider phobia's dissolved in 30 minutes. What is the cause of such fear? Well if you look at it this way. A small child is sat in the garden say at three years old, this child has never seen a spider before so why should it be scared? When out comes dad to pick up little child who is looking down at this thing (that weighs around 3 grams), being curious as to what it is, when suddenly dad screams out loud, "Will you look at the size of that MASSIVE spider, come and get the baby love, I'm petrified of them!".

Child looks at dad, mmm,? Then looks at spider, as this is the only thing that is different to all the times he has picked up the child. Child sees that dad is petrified whilst dad is looking at the MASSIVE spider. Child learns to be scared from his father's body language and tonality just as a baby lion learns to hide from danger from mum.

Using EFT these blocks in the bodies energy system can be unblocked. There are fourteen points that are worked on in sequence, all modalities are accessed and also the creative part of the brain. The change is permanent. Whilst working on several occasions, you'd have to relay your story concerning the issue, back to the therapist. When it has been removed you will be able to relate the issue without any emotions or you will sometimes say, "I feel silly talking about it now".

It can be used to help stress, cravings etc. It can be applied to many things and tried on any thing. It does not matter if you believe in it or not, lets face it, who thought 56.000 tonnes of iron would float, or 250 tonnes of metal would fly in the sky. If you do not try it you will never know.

By Shaun Thompson
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What is Emotional Freedom Therapy?

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