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The e-LYBRA Bio-Resonance System
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The Human Bio-Field has many layers including, the etheric (or physical double), emotional, mental and spiritual etc., and they can affect each other. Each layer has its own nature and patterns of information all vibrating at their own rate.

Everything in life which we experience with our 5 senses also has its existence within its own bio-field. The human bio-field exchanges patterns of information (frequencies) with its environment and other bio-fields (human, animal, mineral and plant). Should this bio-field become congested, usually due to lifestyle and/or environment, the health of the physical cells of the body and its bio-chemistry will then be compromised resulting in an illness. At this point the immune system starts to struggle and may go as far as any of the auto-immune diseases.

Return to good health comes when there is a balancing from dominance or deficiency of any of the patterns in the bio-field using Energy Medicine systems and/or the associated products. This eventually off loads the immune system thereby assisting the physical body in its own healing.

Energy Medicine systems vary in design and function, for example the e-LYBRA and QXCI both, simultaneously give the treatment and the results are shown immediately whereas the Mitosan is treatment only, delivering natural radiation to the mitochondria of the cells in the body giving the necessary energy which we normally also get from our Earth and Sun to heal ourselves.

The e-LYBRA bio-resonance system (as transmitter) fires out a package of complex data of frequencies and resonance patterns to the bio-field of the person (receiver) via the wrist band connection. The 275,000 patterns held in the matrix of the e-LYBRA are contained in over 200 categories ranging from medical to homeopathic and esoteric.

In a treatment session with this system these vibrational patterns are transmitted to the Client's bio-field safely, gently and effectively with healing occurring at the moment of resonance, the health benefits then being experienced in each person's own unique way as they use the patterns, energetically and physically, to balance to health at all levels emotionally, mentally and physically.

The intelligence of the body, at cellular level, recognises and uses this healing information to balance itself which it downloads from the bio-field. A response is then sent back to the system from the bio-field of the Client via the wrist bands. This process is continually ongoing while the treatment lasts. The circuitry of the system is working in conjunction with the body and its bio-field bringing about a correction of imbalances enabling the body to open up its own healing pathways. The results of the treatment can be seen on the connected PC screen giving the Practitioner information about the health status of their Client and so enabling them to use the system broadly and creatively. Best effects are experienced when the Client supports the bio-resonance treatments with lifestyle changes.

The e-LYBRA bio-resonance system also has the facility for making remedies either from its own matrix or from the user's own stock remedies.

By Jenifer Diva
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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