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What is Crystal Healing
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we have the power to make ourselves ill
and the same power to make ourselves well

Crystals heal by balancing our energy.  Once our energy is back in balance, optimum conditions are created for body, mind and emotions to heal.

People nowadays are taking more responsibility for their health and the way their life is going.  Many have adopted ancient practices such as crystal shui or chakra balancing, to develop their own inner resources to improve their health and well-being.  

holistic healing

In ancient times, physical and spiritual healing were not separate.  When a person was ill, he was treated holistically, meaning that the physician would not focus on the ailment, but on the whole person - body, mind and spirit.  He would look for a blockage of energy or any imbalance in the aura (energy field) of the person and treat him with a crystal or colour to bring his energy field back into balance. Once back in balance again, everything slotted back into place and the individual healed.  

If our energy is out of balance, we can experience all sorts of problems - ill health, lack of well-being, tiredness, depression, stress, low self-esteem, inability to cope with ourselves and our life - just not feeling good.  Physical, mental and emotional problems are often the result of blocked energy in the body, which creates imbalance in us.

crystals and healing

To be healthy, we  need a high rate of vibration in all areas of our body - cells, tissues, organs and systems.  If something enters the body which irritates the system, such as a bad food entering our digestive system, or a stressful situation disturbing our peace of mind, the result is a slowing down in the normal vibrational pattern of the body which can cause dis-ease or illness.  (Dis-ease is the body in a state of being 'not-at-ease').  We are then more susceptible to negative energies and harmful environmental influences invading us, and the our cycle of poor health then becomes self-perpetuating.

Crystals have been used for balancing and healing throughout the ages.  As well as helping our healing process, crystals are valuable aids in helping us cope with daily life.  They can give support in times of fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, trauma, and other distressing situations.  Coupled with our focus and intention, they can also make things happen for us. 

Each crystal and gemstone has its own energy vibration.  The energy that they transmit can have powerful effects on the different energy vibrations in a human being.  It helps to clear blocked energy in our body, attune our mind, body, spirit and emotions, and bring our energy field back into balance.  Through this balancing and attuning, they help us to heal ourselves.

using crystals

Before starting to work with a crystal, there are some important steps to take, so that the crystals will be effective for you:

choose your crystal carefully
Choose the right crystal for your needs.  This involves trusting your feelings.  Crystals are natural, not factory-made, so don't go looking for perfect shapes and sizes. 

cleanse your crystal
This restores it to its original nature.  Do this regularly, especially after other people have been handling it, as the crystal picks up energy from others and the environment.  Cleansing can be done with water, fire, earth or air.

charge your crystals
This means energising and regenerating them. Charge your crystals whenever you can, because the more they are energised, the more effectively they will work with you.  Allow them to receive sunlight and moonlight energies.

dedicate your crystal
Dedicating your crystal to the universal purpose will give you protection and ensure that your crystal is used for the highest intentions for you.  Then it will not permit programming with anything bad, nor will anyone be able to influence it negatively.

bond with your crystal
This means becoming friends with it. You have already created a connection with your crystal by choosing it and cleansing it, but this is now a closer process. 

programme your crystal
This means projecting your thoughts and intentions into your crystal.  The crystal will then reflect back to you your own ability to achieve your intentions.  You can programme a crystal for healing, strength, positivity, success, wealth, better relationships, love, friendship, better sleep, better health, in fact anything which is going to make you feel better.   Never accept a crystal which has been programmed by another person, however important, religious or spiritual that person may be. 

always care for your crystals
Cleanse them from time to time.  Keep them protected in a pouch or other natural container.   Never let them rattle around in your pocket with money or other things.  Whenever you can, place them where they can capture some sunlight and moonlight.

then use your crystals
for physical, mental and emotional problems,
and for your general health and well-being.

-           balance your chakras with coloured crystals
-           use quartz crystal to make a crystal remedy for drinking
-           place crystals within your aura, in your pocket or around the room
-           wear your crystals
-           use different crystals with different healing methods
-           use crystals to help you to be more positive
-           protect yourself from negative influences in the environment
-           clear out emotional baggage
-           meditate and use affirmations with crystals
-           treat your plants and pets
-           crystals can keep the energy healthy in your home and workplace

Crystals for Home and Office

Crystals can help to calm, soothe, relax, energise, heal, resolve problems, dispel negativity, balance, enlighten, uplift, relieve stress, inspire and influence growth.  Here are some ideas:

Entrance hall
The entrance hall is where you welcome people into your home.  A bowl of assorted crystals in different colours would be warm and welcoming.

Sitting room
Harmony and relaxation:rose quartz
Stimulating and enlivening:citrine 
Cooling: sodalite, blue howlite and turquoise
Healing and energising:calcite, clear quartz

Dining room
Romantic dinner: blue and green stones: turquoise, blue howlite, aventurine, aquamarine
Business lunch: yellow stones: citrine, tiger's eye, amber, yellow calcite

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Good energy here will touch all areas of your home.  Use colourful crystals, especially in the window areas. Carnelian, red jasper, rose quartz, garnet and ruby are good examples.

Love: green and pink stones: rose quartz, rhodonite, aventurine, amazonite, chrysoprase
Restful sleep: green stones: jade, aventurine, emerald

Creativity, self-expression: lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise, sodalite
Stress and electromagnetic pollution: fluorite, amethyst, clear quartz
Concentration: citrine, clear quartz

Select only those crystals you particularly need for the way you feel at the time.  An assortment of crystals rattling around in your handbag will do nothing for you. Place them in a pouch for protection and keep them within your aura.

In many ways you can use the healing power of crystals to make yourself and your life feel better.  The crystals are there waiting for you!

we can help you

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By Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA


Biography: In 1998, Brenda Martin founded the School of Natural Health & WellBeing, to help people develop their potential, find direction, achieve better health, energy and well-being, and move forward in their lives.

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