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Cold Sore Lysine - Quenching the Fire of Your Cold Sores
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Cold sore lysine. Is it all what they crack it up to be? In this article, discover for yourself the facts about the why and how of cold sore lysine use for oral herpes.

Cold sore lysine cures have been the subject of many studies and much news. Most of the research has been quite positive for using lysine as a treatment for all varieties of herpes sores. But, sadly, much of this information is incorrect.

FACT: Cold sores are quelled by lysine similar to a fire being quenched by water.

Water puts out a fire by starving it of the oxygen it needs to burn. Lysine works in a similar way - it represses cold sores by depriving the herpes virus of what it must have to create the sore.

Before using lysine, however, let us explore the cause and effect of these outbreaks and how lysine actually works for you.

The herpes simplex virus moves to the surface for the sole purpose of creating new virus. This parasite virus enters a cell and forces that cell to produce new virus clones. When full, the cell is broken open to spill out the fresh virus.

The open wound we see on our face is the visible result of thousands of adjacent cells being destroyed by the cloning process of the herpes virus - either HSV-1 or HSV-2.

FACT: Arginine is the oxygen that makes cold sores burn.

The herpes virus is made of protein. The main protein used by the cells to create this sub-microscopic virus is the amino acid arginine.

Arginine and lysine are considered essential amino acids. Your body cannot create these. They are essential for your health and must come from your diet. Each amino acid has a specific function in the body.

Your body cells store arginine in a special area within the cell. If forced to create new herpes virus, your cell will draw on these stores until depleted. Without arginine readily available, new virus cannot be created.

FACT: Lysine extinguishes the fire of cold sores by preventing arginine from reaching it.

You see - lysine is also stocked up in the cells, using the same receptors as arginine. Lysine, if consumed in large enough quantities, will actually force some arginine out of the cells by taking its place. Arginine and lysine compete for the same space.

Lysine cannot be used for creating herpes virus - like water cannot burn. And it smothers the replication process by keeping arginine from being available for use.

FACT: Lysine is only available to the cells if taken orally.

Lysine from food is the best utilized form of lysine. Eating food high in cold sore lysine, such as meat, fish and dairy, is the best way to get this powerful amino acid for healing or prevention.

Lysine capsules, although not as well absorbed, are much more convenient for many people. A special diet is often hard to keep, especially with your busy schedule. But, it would be best to combine dietary sources with these supplements.

You may have seen topical remedies that contain lysine. These may be helpful treatments for cold sores - but not because of the lysine.

Amino acids, such as lysine, do not go into the cells through the skin. Putting it on the skin before the sores blossom is of no value. And applying the lysine after the sore opens up, even if it did work, is too late. The damage is already done.

YES. Lysine works great for quenching cold sores. And Lysine is great for preventing them too. But your cold sore lysine must be taken orally to do its magic.

Lysine is perfectly safe. It is just a protein fraction. Commonly, lysine supplements are taken in doses up to 4000 mg. per day during the outbreak. Some folks also take 500 to 1000 mg. daily to prevent cold sores.

Eating more of the high lysine foods and less of the high arginine foods may be all you need to beat these hideous sores. Supplementing your diet with lysine pills may be the easiest way of getting the highest levels needed for a cold sore lysine cure.

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By Denny Bodoh
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Denny Bodoh is a 36 year newspaper veteran and publisher. Denny is a dedicated health and nutrition research writer.

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