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Herbal Sleep Aids
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A good nights sleep is something that hundreds of thousands of people around the world can only hope for. With the demands of every day life in today's society, we are often awake or only partially sleeping when our bodies and minds should be resting peacefully to rejuvenate itself for the next days activities. Stress and anxiety affect the ability of the brain and body to reach a deep, relaxed state. Too often, worries about work, family and finances leave us tossing and turning throughout the night. Prescription and non-prescription sleep aids that are taken to cure insomnia often come with unwanted side effects such as addiction and daytime drowsiness. Someone who is having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or feeling rested, an herbal sleep regimen may greatly improve the quality of sleep, without harmful side effects. Herbal sleep aids may reduce daytime drowsiness and fatigue as well as increase focus and energy for the day ahead. Various natural, herbal remedies are widely available to the general public.

Used as a sedative, Valerian Root has been used as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years as an herbal remedy for sleeping disorders, relentlessness, anxiety and insomnia. Today, Valerian Root is often taken in capsule form with oils that have been prepared from the roots of a flowering plant, also called Valerian. Studies have shown that Valerian Root seems to be most effective when taken over a period of several weeks. However, many people report immediate benefits. Since Valerian Root is also known as a muscle relaxant herb, the herbal remedy also helps to relax your body, freeing your soul of the tensions of the day and permitting it to fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Kava Root is and herb that promotes deep relaxation of the muscles, followed by sleepiness and a dreamless state that doesn't result in next day drowsiness. On the contrary, the day that follows is often enhanced with increased focus and decreased anxiety. For thousands of years, Kava Root has been used throughout many cultures for medicinal, religious and social reasons. Until recently, there was never a question to the safety of Kava Root as there were no health problems that raised concerns. When Kava Root became a popular supplement in Western Society as a stress reducer and muscle relaxant, it appeared that there was an extremely rare but deadly link between Kava Root and liver toxicity and disease. However, it is strongly believed amongst most cultures that are familiar with the affects of Kava Root, that the associated health problems were due to additives and/or the use of the wrong part of the Kava plant. These cultures and advocates of the herb continue to stand by this herbal remedy as a powerful muscle relaxer, enhancing the quality of sleep and life.

Hops, best known as being a main flavoring ingredient in beer, has a calmative and hypnotic effect on the mind and body. A fruit that is a member of the cannabis family, Hops is commonly grown in Germany and widely cultivated in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A tea can be made of Hops but because of its strong, bitter taste, the herb is typically available as tinctures, capsules and tablets, commonly combined with chamomile, lavender and passionflower, all of which are herbs with sedative effects. Used as a relaxing herbal tonic, Hops has become a popular ingredient in combinations of herbs that are used to promote sleep.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep may be responsible for a wide variation of dangerous, often fatal, stress related diseases including heart disease and obesity. The human body simply cannot continue to function for long periods of time on a lack of deep, quality sleep. An herbal sleep regimen may help you enjoy the natural, restorative sleep that you need and deserve. A dream come true!

By Suzanne VanDeGrift
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