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Increase Metabolism with Herbal Supplements & Exercise
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First, what is metabolism? Simply stated, it's the rate the body burns the calories consumed. But, it's anything but simple. There are many things that significantly impact how everybody's metabolism differs. There are some things we can do to control our metabolism, and some things we have no control over.

The factors we can't control that can effect our metabolism are age, it can slow 5% every 10 years after the age of 40; sex, men tend to burn calories more quickly then women; heredity, metabolism can be impacted by your ancestors. The metabolism factors we do have control over include what we choose to eat, how much we eat, how much water we drink, what physical activity we choose, and how much time we devote to that activity. Another condition that can greatly effect the body's metabolism is a thyroid disorder. The thyroid gland can cause the metabolism to slow down. Including an herbal supplement made from irish moss, white oak bark, iceland moss, bladderwrack, kelp, and other natural ingredients will regulate the thyroid and help stimulate the metabolism.

When we think of metabolism, we think of weight loss. When we think of weight loss, we think of food. What we don't want to do is "not eat". If the body feels it's being starved, it will hold onto as many calories as it can, storing them up as fat. Make sure you start your day with a small, healthy meal, perhaps grains and fruit. Don't Skip Breakfast! It sets your metabolism in motion for the rest of the day. Then eat frequent, but smaller meals, throughout the day. This tells the body it's OK to let those calories go, and, will assist in increasing your metabolism. There are different theories on when you should consume the majority of your calories. Some experts feel calories are calories and it doesn't matter when they're consumed. Others stand by the recommendation of eating nothing 3 or 4 hours before you retire for the evening. Experiment, do what works for you. But if you're in doubt, err on the side of caution. Eat your last light meal or snack around 8 PM.

Starting the day off with some kind of physical exercise will help to jump-start your metabolism for the day. Getting up a half hour earlier and taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes will do the trick. You want to raise your heart rate and keep it up for a period of time. In addition to aerobic exercise, the body's metabolism can be greatly boosted by adding muscle building exercises to your routine. It's been proven that muscle burns more calories than fat, and, it continues to burn calories even when you're sleeping. Not only while you're exercising, but throughout the day, make sure you drink the recommended eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. Including caffeinated coffee or tea, which are stimulants, in your daily fluid intake can also help boost the metabolism.

Snacking on what are referred to as negative calorie foods burn fat simply because it takes more calories to eat the food than the calories in the food you're eating. Some negative calorie foods include apple, broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, green beans, lettuce, peach, strawberry, spinach, and tomato. Complete your program by including an herbal energy booster derived from sarsaparilla, licorice, Brazilian cocoa, Chinese white ginseng, Korean red ginseng, bee pollen, chicory, and other natural ingredients.

By Suzanne VanDeGrift Alternative Health Researcher & Writer
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Biography: Suzanne researches various alternative health issues and writes articles on specific matter on behalf of Dherbs.com

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