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Animal Therapy

What is Animal Therapy?

Animal Therapy is a broad term, used either for Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) or Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). The underlying principle that makes Animal Therapy particularly beneficial for patients is that interaction with a gentle, friendly animal brings lots of positives in their overall health. It has been observed that such activities can result in lowering of blood pressure, treat depression due to loneliness, improve physical and mental stimulation, and brighten the emotional outlook.

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) aims at improving the quality of life of target individuals or groups by educational or recreational activities related with animals or pets.

The benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) lie in its goal-oriented approach, which aims at improvement of a specific individual in social skills, verbal skills, range of motion, attention span, etc. by using animals or pets. AAT is always supervised by a healthcare professional, who decides all the specifics of the therapy, including duration of each visit.
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